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Flaticon is the largest database of free vector icons.

Our aim is that everyone can use professional and high quality icons, without having to spend so much money, both for personal and business projects.

  • +4,000,000 Icons
  • +600,000 Users
Companies using Flaticon:
  • Google
  • Adobe
  • Optimizely
  • Startup Institute

Freedom to work from Anywhere

It doesn't matter where you are, whether you work in a New York's skyscraper or in the middle of the African savannah. We welcome the best designers in the world. We are an interconnected team and there is no distance for us..

Meet some of our designers:

Claudia Mathews

I enjoy working for Freepik & Flaticon. The key to success is in being constant, providing high quality and useful icons and illustrations and the best part is I get to earn extra cash every month, which always comes in handy!.

Adam Johnson

Working for Freepik & Flaticon is awesome, I get paid based of the quality of my work and how often I produce new designs. It's a great way to pay my way through the college.

What qualifications do I need?

We are looking for designers who are following the latest trends, who are constantly improving and can create helpful icons for millions of designers from all over the world..

1. Be able to design icons as cool and original like these:
  • Social Network Logo Collection
  • Young Avatar Collection
  • Phone icons
  • 2. Great design skills

    Polyvalency and capacity to create different graphic resources styles.

  • 3. A rich portfolio

    Having experience and a personal portfolio so we are able to see your work.

  • 4. Creativity

    Being an innovative person, who contributes with ideas and feels passionate for new tendencies.

  • 5. Self-management capacity

    As a self worker, you have to manage your own time in order to deliver fast results.

  • 6. Quality commitment

    All submissions will be reviewed by our design department to ensure the highest quality of each collection.

  • 7. Original content

    The copyright is the main important issue to us, so the content needs to be 100% original and not to copy anyone else's designs.

How much can you earn?

Then, how much money could you make by working at Flaticon?

Your earnings are based on the number of the designs you would be able to submit monthly. Therefore, the more you design, the more you earn. It's up to you.

** Please note that the results produced by the calculator are based on example values. Exact values may be lower or higher than given, depending on your performance.

How to apply

  • Take a design test-drive

  • Wait for a validation

  • Start working with us

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