The Best Reading Apps

Reading is a great way to get inspiration because it can take you to new worlds – reading is so important that it even has its own celebration on World Book Day. And although books are more than just books – some are also great examples of design – opting for digital tools will help you take care of the planet a little more. In this article, we offer you a selection of the best reading apps.

Digital e-book Readers

While there are many applications that will transform almost any device into a book, investing in a tool such as a digital e-book reader can be a great option that will simplify your life – maybe not your whole life, since you will still have to carry out banking procedures or take the subway during rush hour from time to time-.
While they’re not the main focus of this article, we’d like to mention a few briefly.

  • Kindle Touch e-book reader with integrated light
    As mentioned in the heading above, one of the great benefits offered by this reader is that it has an integrated light so you can read without tiring your eyes. What’s more, it’s very lightweight. The big drawback is that it may not offer the best resolution.
  • Kindle Oasis
    Not only does this have an integrated light, but you can also adjust it to your liking. Another great plus is its ergonomic design and its water resistance.
  • Koba Clara HD
    Super lightweight, good value for money in terms of its features, adjustable light, and the possibility of adjusting the color temperature. In addition, it has a built-in dictionary.

Reading Apps

Reading 1

There are a lot of applications that you can use to read your favorite books on your devices whatever your preference – whether Android, iOS, Windows, tablets, or computers. And although it might be preferable to use an e-book as they are less harmful to the eyes, here are the best apps available.


This digital reading platform stands out from its competitors because it offers you the opportunity to buy your favorite books from different sites, so you can compare prices and choose where to source them.
Another great feature it has is that you can add all your digital books and audiobooks thanks to its broad compatibility. In addition, it will allow you to link your local library pass so you can borrow their digital books from the app.

  • While it offers a premium subscription service, it also has free features.

Amazon Kindle

One of the world’s most popular e-book readers has a great free app so you can read from any device. Enjoy all the possibilities offered by this app wherever you are, including buying books, customizing your library, using the built-in dictionary, annotating your ideas, modifying fonts, and much more.

  • The app is free but allows you to purchase your favorite titles.


Amazon Kindle’s main competitor is Barnes & Noble’s Nook and, like Kindle, it also has a free application you can use to read from any device and buy more than 4 million titles – in addition, you can access more than 75 thousand free books. Another great advantage offered by this reader is that you can take a look at each book before buying it.


This app has it all: libraries, the possibility of annotating your favorite books, saving phrases, and even allowing you to photograph pages of printed books to digitalize the parts you liked the most. In addition, it allows you to keep track of printed books, audiobooks, and new e-books.
Another great point in Basmo’s favor is that it will help you generate a reading habit since you will be able to set reminders to read every day.

  • It has a free option and a premium option that you can buy for a small fee.

More Than Words

Reading 2

Let’s talk now about other options related to reading, but not necessarily focused only on books.

Book Funnel

There are many alternatives when it comes to reading your favorite books from any device. However, Book Funnel has a special quality because it brings you the works of new and unknown writers. In addition, if you are the author of any work, you can share extracts of your creations with other users of the platform to get feedback.

  • You can take a free trial or buy an annual subscription at a very affordable price.


While you can’t read with this app, it will allow you to follow your friends and find out what they are reading. You can also discover new books and read reviews written by readers from around the world on different titles. Very handy when shopping for new books.

Comics – Comixology

This app – from Amazon – offers you the possibility to get comics from companies like DC Comics, Marvel, Dark Horse, and many more. If you are a lover of comics, manga, and graphic novels, you can’t miss it.


This is probably one of the best applications as it allows you to import your comics from other devices, offers great compatibility in terms of file formats, and has a variety of tools that make reading easier, a special mode for reading manga, and much more.

  • It’s free

The world of reading offers an inexhaustible source of inspiration – almost as much as Freepik – and in order to enjoy it in the best way, in the digital world, you need applications that offer you, among other things, simple, comfortable, and intuitive user interfaces.
To achieve this, access to the best resources such as icons is needed. And you know where to find them, right?