The Best Courses for Improving Your Skills This Summer

With so many courses at your fingertips on your computer, it’s super easy to learn something new. If you invest some of your earnings and free time in design courses, you won’t only improve your skills, you might also get more clients and be able to raise your prices. 

Professional development courses shouldn’t get put away as an idea or a dream. This summer is the perfect opportunity to give your skills a boost. As a designer, it’s important that you’re always looking for ways to grow your career.

Here is a selection of online courses that may be of interest to you. We also invite you to check out the websites of Domestika, Skillshare, Udemy, Career Foundry and Interaction Design Foundation. These are all platforms that aim to help you improve your skills in different fields of design.

Introduction to Adobe Illustrator

For designers, having a good command of Adobe Illustrator is indispensable for creating or editing vector designs, such as interface icons. This Domestika course is made up of 3 introductory courses to Adobe Illustrator. It’s perfect for amateur designers or designers who are just starting out on their career. This three-part course will teach you all the basics of Adobe Illustrator through projects and exercises.

How to create a UX portfolio

If you are starting a new career in user experience, this course is exactly what you need. To get a job as a UX designer, you need a portfolio that demonstrates your skills. But when you’re new, there’s no portfolio to show clients. This course helps you create a UX portfolio with projects that demonstrate your work from start to finish.

Become a UI designer

UI design is a perfect string to add to your bow in your career as a graphic designer. If you’re interested in expanding your services to web design, a UI course from Career Foundry is just what you need. You’ll learn all the details needed to become a UI designer for web and mobile applications.

Design remotely

Design teams don’t always work together in the same office. Working remotely is becoming more and more common, but not all of us have the knowledge we need to do it successfully. In this Domestika course, you will learn how to manage design sprints with remote teams. Follow the steps in order to complete sprints more successfully.

Creative Infographics

Knowing how to design infographics will be a great addition to the repertoire of services you can offer as a designer. There are many types of infographic design, from those based on data visualizations to those that are more illustrative. In this Domestika course, you’ll learn how to design creative infographics for content marketing or journalism. After this course, look for a course on data visualization or information communication for further development.

Logo design

If you don’t know how to design logos yet, it’s time to learn! As a graphic designer it’s essential to know how to design logos for any type of brand. Once you have this skill, you can offer it to clients as part of a visual branding package. Follow this course with one on branding or color psychology, so you can develop your brand strategy skills.

Best Courses Summer

HCI – Human Computer Interaction

HCI is the acronym for a field of study called Human Computer Interaction. Human Computer Interaction is the basis of user experience design. In order to work in the field of UX, it is essential to understand how people interact with computers. If you want to learn more about how to create impactful digital products, this course is a great place to start.

What are you going to learn this summer?

Do you find any of these courses appealing? These are just some of the courses available online – there are many more in all branches of design. Click on any of the courses in this list and start checking out what other subjects you might be interested in. 

Don’t forget that your capacity to learn doesn’t stop just because you have a job and regular clients. There’s always room for improvement! At Flaticon, you’ll find the resources you need to streamline your work and make sure you’re using the perfect icons at every step of your career.