Get ready for Earth Day with the new Freebie from Flaticon

April is here and with it come the preparations to celebrate Earth Day around the world. This date has taken on a new relevance in recent years when it seems that the world keeps changing while facing huge sustainability challenges. Do you know the origin of this international date? 

Earth Day has been celebrated every April 22 since the UN Assembly officially declared it as International Mother Earth Day in 2009. However, its origins go back a few decades before then. During the 1970s it began to be celebrated in the United States to raise awareness of pollution problems and biodiversity conservation, among other environmental issues. 

Sounds just like the present day, doesn’t it? The truth is that the list of reasons to celebrate Earth Day has been growing ever since. So that you can do this in the most impactful way, here at Flaticon we want to make your job easier with a new freebie. So that you can do it in the most impactful way, we at Flaticon want to make your job easier with a new freebie. 

If you want to add your voice—or that of your clients—to this cause, take advantage of the series of premium images that we have prepared that you can download now for free, with just one click, and get on with planning your content for Earth Day. 

Earth icons

In this pack you will find two different collections of icons. Each of them includes different styles to fit your project, whatever the visual style of your brand. These are the styles you will find: 

  • Lineal icons: icons designed with a black outline. 
  • Solid icons: our icons filled with one color, with no outline. 
  • Flat color icons: solid icons in a harmony of balanced colors.
  • Lineal color icons: designed with colored outlines. 
  • Circular icons: colorful icons inserted in circles, ideal for pieces that require consistency and order. 
  • Gradient icons: totally on trend, filled with gradient colors. 

The pack includes images in PNG and also in editable formats, such as SVG and PSD. Remember that, once downloaded, you can customize them with your favorite editing tool and modify their color, outline or whatever you need. 

Use these icons for your Earth Day content. You can create banners, publications for social networks; stickers or educational cards; posters or infographics with facts and tips on sustainability… the possibilities are endless! 

And above all, save these assets to continue raising awareness throughout the year about the most important thing: taking care of our home, the Earth, on a daily basis. 

This is a collection of exclusive resources in all formats, which you can download for free if you do it now. But if you want unlimited access to the best assets all year round, become a Premium member for very little cost and create without limits, whatever day it is.