Say bye to tab-switching. Have icons directly in Figma with Flaticon plugin

At Flaticon we have been using Figma almost religiously. Our social media posts, UI design, or marketing banners- everything begins and ends with Figma.

We know firsthand what it’s like to be importing icons into your Figma files on a daily basis and that’s why we are super excited to finally share the great news that we have launched a Figma plugin. 🎉

The plugin is still in its beta version, but you can already do a few nifty things with it.

Search and filter icons by style and color

Flaticon Figma Plugin

Set the size you’d like to import the icons in

Flaticon Figma Plugin - Size preference

Import icons using drag-and-drop

Flaticon plugin for figma

Currently, it only works with icons in PNG format. But don’t worry; we are just at the very beginning of this little plugin’s life 🐣. SVG is coming.

We’d love your feedback

Become a part of the plugin’s growth. Give it a try, and let us know what you think by filling out this short survey or leaving a comment in the Figma Community. Your opinion is appreciated and essential, so we can make the best plugin for your needs.

✎Try the plugin here

Next in

We are actively working on more improvements and cannot wait to launch an update with the SVG format and other handy features.