The best fonts for UI design

Interface design is based on complying with basic techniques to achieve the best results. One of these techniques is the right choice of fonts. Choosing the perfect typeface is never easy, which is why it’s great that designers like those working at Flaticon test and share their findings. 

This post brings you the best free fonts of the season for your interface designs. 

Space Mono

Monospaced typefaces are a favorite among interface designers as they simplify the problem of calculating space for text content. When a font is monospaced, each letter or character occupies the same space as all the others. 

The name of this example – Space Mono – is a pun on its own characteristics. The designers at the Colophon type foundry not only turned the word Monospace on its head but also used some spatial qualities – or perhaps outer space qualities – to create a timeless, futuristic retro font suitable for designing stylish applications and websites. 

Check out the website to see this typeface in use. 

Download Space Mono 

fonts for UI design


The Manrope typeface has borrowed a little bit from various typographic styles… a crumb of condensed, a touch of rounded, a hint of grotesque and a smidgen of geometric. The slogan on the designers’ website clearly states, “Manrope is a modern sans-serif typeface for everyone.” These characteristics make Manrope a good choice for interface designs, as it is easy to read but at the same time has personality.

Although Manrope is a variable typeface, the numerical symbols are monospaced, and the numbers are perfectly aligned vertically. Another important feature of Manrope is that it supports most Latin and Cyrillic languages. 

In addition, you can configure its ligatures and combine characters to display some special symbols. 

Check out the brand Prado to see this typeface in use.

Download Manrope

fonts for UI design

Space Grotesk

When a typeface succeeds, it inspires other typefaces; that’s what happened with Space Grotesk. The Florian Karsten type foundry was inspired by the popular Space Mono to create a variable typeface – Space Grotesk – that retained the essential characteristics of the original. The result is a typeface just as special as Space Mono, but with more versatility in terms of text size. 

Since Space Grotesk and Space Mono are similar, they work well when used together. Look at this website treatment for the Artoid studio to see an example. Space Grotesk is used in main headings and Space Mono in secondary headings. 

Download Space Grotesk

fonts for UI design


Some typefaces have earned a place in the list of favorites for interface design, and Poppins is one of them. Its rounded qualities and friendly and happy feel are perfect for websites and applications. Poppins reads well in large headlines and small text, as it has a good range of weights. 

Poppins is a Google Font, which means it will always display correctly whenever you use it, no matter what device or application it is on. Why is this so important? Sometimes, some operating systems won’t display certain fonts with a particularly special quality and instead will replace them with another typeface that they consider similar.

With Poppins you will avoid possible mismatches in the future display of your interface. It was designed by Indian Foundry to be used in Devanagari, the script of the Sanskrit language, and Latin languages.

This beauty products site uses Poppins in different weights for all texts.

Download Poppins

DM Sans

Just as Space Grotesk was inspired by Space Mono, DM Sans was inspired by Poppins. In fact, its design is based on the Latin section of Poppins. It provides a set of extended Latin glyphs, allowing for more variety in typeface compositions for some Western European languages. Google commissioned Colophon Foundry to design it, and DM Sans quickly became popular with UI designers. 

The DM Sans family includes fewer varieties than Poppins, but is just as versatile and reads well in text of any size. It was originally intended for use in small sizes because of the legibility offered by its low-contrast geometric design. Because of its characteristics, it is a typeface style that combines well with other fonts that are more special, unique or have a strong personality.

Find out how these websites use the DM Sans typeface in their designs.

Download DM Sans

Work Sans

When a typeface includes a wide variety of weights and italics, it is considered a complete and versatile typeface for many uses, including digital and print design. Work Sans fits this classification and works well in web and mobile interface designs. The thicker variations have a unique, fun character, useful for large headlines in print design or for very specific uses in digital design.

If you prefer a typeface with a Roman “a” Work Sans is a good choice, as it is easy to read and offers printed text quality. Poppins, a similar typeface, uses the Latin “a” and its appearance is a little less serious than Work Sans. Choose the one that is the best match with your design, brand and content.

Download Work Sans

fonts for UI design

Check the use of each typeface

If you have difficulty visualizing how the typeface you like will look in a design, use resources such as, and Use the search engine on each site to discover interface designs that use the font you’re interested in. 

Combine the best typefaces with icons and stickers from Flaticon

When you choose the perfect font for your projects, Flaticon’s icons, stickers and UIcons will help you finalize your project’s interface. Since Flaticon’s resources are designed in different styles, you will always find collections that match the text of your interface.