Take a look at Flaticon’s new icon editor and pattern creation app!

Did you know that you can now edit icons from Flaticon directly in your browser, without the need of a vector editing software? Well, you can! With Flaticon’s built-in icon editor, you’ll be able to easily edit your icons, change the line color, resize them or even create patterns with them before you hit the download button.

If you want to edit a single icon, all you have to do is go to the icon’s download page. There, you’ll see an option called “Edit icon”, which will take you to a very practical and easy to use interface. Here, you’ll be able to change the colors of any element just by clicking on them, or select the color that you want to change on the palette underneath the color selector. You can also replace a color with the hex color code of your preference, if you have it.


icon editor

icon editor


You can also move the icon, rotate it, flip it and change its size with just the click of a few buttons in the editing tab. This tab will only appear when you’re logged in to Flaticon, and it will also allow you to save the icon to your collection in case you want to use it later.

On Flaticon’s homepage, you’ll find an awesome new app that will allow you to create patterns. Just open it up and start adding icons from the sidebar or search for keywords like “space” or “Halloween” to add any icon that you want from Flaticon’s database. If you like a particular style of any Flaticon user, you can also search for their username in the sidebar and you’ll see all of their icons available to create a pattern with.


icon editor


You can easily edit the pattern by clicking and dragging the elements, moving them around and changing their size or their color on the spot. You can download these patterns after you’ve finished editing them, ready for you to  use as a background for your computer, or print them out to create customized wrapping paper… It’s up to you!


Check out Flaticon’s pattern creator here, and have fun editing!


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