Icon Trends 2023, by Freepik Company

Freepik Visual Trends 2023 are out! The guide gathers the styles that will make the eyes sparkle in 2023, and it includes icon trends! This new year we are moving away from realistic and sophisticated icons, to create icons that push the boundaries of inventiveness. It’s time to create a vibrant user experience using fresh and surprising icons!

Our team of experts worked hard to select the coolest icons for 2023 to make all your next projects shine! In the coming year, icon trends will break the rules focusing on catchy and lively icons. Motion, strong colors, and joyful aspects will make users want to play and explore. Let’s keep track of what’s hot in the icon world. 

Animated Icons

3… 2… 1… Action! With these linear and refined icons, the color change and the motion of elements are central. The movement transforms the icon and creates an effective communicative result. Animated icons are very present in the current development of interfaces and videos, as screens are becoming the main way we communicate. They offer new perspectives using both funky designs and modern and minimalistic styles. 

Flaticon Icon trends 2023

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Plain palette icons 

Applying only one or a few colors creates a communicative guideline. Using different tints, tones, and shades of the same colors gives a strong visual cohesion. The changes in tones and texture offer greater visual and creative freedom to make the icon more attractive to the user. Simple palette icons do great with travel themes to create an engaging universe. 

Icon Trends 2023 Plain color palette

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Retro Neon Icons

Assets with a neon colors, retro aesthetic and bold colors are in vogue this year. They are flashy and playful, and offer a friendly and engaging visual experience to the user. They fit perfectly with vintage visuals inspired by the 80s and 90s, and are widely used nowadays in all types of formats. This playful and simplified style encourages users to explore and discover more.

Icon Trends 2023 retron neon

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Bubbly icons 

The vibrant colors, the soft texture, and the use of bubble shapes give these icons a special final touch. With their juicy forms and elastic and bouncy feel, they add brightness and contrast. At Flaticon, we are sure these bubbly icons will become the iconic trend of 2023. Therefore we created the special shine flat icons category. They provide an original look and can modernize any project, especially with futuristic topics such as Artificial Intelligence.

Icon Trends 2023 bubbly icons

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Visual Magentaverse by Flaticon

Whether your work is displayed on screens, or if it’s printed, surely your design appreciates some icons in the Color of the Year 2023. Flaticon has prepared a tailor-made pack for all graphic designers and real-life artists. 

Icons for MVPs

If you are more into sports or gaming, no worries. Flaticon designed a special collection to add the vibrant Viva Magenta tone to a selection of sporty icons, available in both flat and lineal color – chose your team!

Viva magenta icons

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Icons are powerful communication tools since screens have become our most widely used means of communication. They are constantly evolving, as is the way we interact. Modern icons have a strong identity, they are creative and lively.  Make your users’ experience fun and accessible with the trendiest icons selected by our team.  

Find out more about the freshest visual trends featuring icons, stickers, templates, photography, color palettes, and much more in Freepik’s Trends Guide for 2023.