The other screens where football is happening. Interfaces for Qatar 2022

Every four years the eyes of the world all focus on the same point: 

The football pitch. 

But in the last few editions of the World Cup, the attention of spectators has started to be divided between what’s happening on the pitch… And all the information that is coming to us from other screens

The aim is to take the experience to the next level. To do this, all kinds of specific apps have proliferated, like mushrooms do every autumn. They all aim to optimize our connection with this mass sporting spectacle. 

The offer includes all kinds of data, statistics and even curiosities designed to delight the general public. And, incidentally, it can help you achieve an objective that’s almost as important as your national team winning – showing off your knowledge of the game to your friends at every football get together. Because it’s worth remembering that the World Cup offers the perfect excuse to organize repeated gatherings and, in fact, matches are best enjoyed in company

On the one hand is the joy of how the intensity of each match combines with the vibe that comes with sharing every moment with your mates. On the other is the anxiety derived from splitting your gaze between what’s happening on the pitch, on the app on your mobile or tablet and the snacks and refreshments at hand. 

To prevent you going cross-eyed or, worse, missing a single crucial detail, increasing efforts are being made to convey whatever it is we need to know in the clearest and sharpest way possible. 

Of course, the key to success in all of this lies in delivering a winning design and an experience worthy of lifting the World Cup of usability. 

At Flaticon, we have dressed a collection of visual resources in the main strip so that you can design the best football interfaces of the moment, depending on their features and the themes they address. 

Here are our picks that for three reasons we believe deserve to reach the final in the coming Qatar 2022 World Cup.

By player statistics

Football has its glamorous side. The stars of each national team, the media celebrities who make the headlines, set trends and cause a frenzy both on and off the pitch, are only too happy to contribute to this. You know them all too well. The aim is to achieve the same degree of familiarity with all the other protagonists of this collective story

The intention is to make you feel like a real Terminator T-1000 from the film saga. That one who, with a top-down panoramic scanner, obtained a thermal X-ray with all the data of interest about his potential human rivals. Skipping the heat effect, which will make no impression on us because what else do we expect from Qatar, it explores visuals that allow you to unpick the most important aspects of a specific player’s performance. 

Find all the keys to the game at a glance, (passes, shots, goals, saves, cards, corners, changes…) and information on the physical condition of each athlete. Browse through the life, work, miracles and achievements of your favorite player, his teammates in the national team and the opponents he will meet at each stage of the tournament. It shows all this with intuitive graphics, so you can make a quick and effective analysis without taking your eye off your favorite drink or snack.  

By match statistics

This is a global competition and, at the end of the day, it’s all about knowing every detail about any given match. The more the better. It helps a lot if the information is provided in a clear and visual way. 

In this sense, we have developed a proposal to show the key statistics of a match. All the relevant data is instantly available: the teams and the date and time of the match, the score, the most outstanding players on each side of the pitch and the numbers of interest: possession of each team, shots, free kicks, corner kicks… Moreover, the presentation of some data is resolved using clever graphics that allow you to break down each aspect of the match and better understand it

By country knowledge

Lastly, it’s time to put this mountain of information on the map. There is nothing like having tools that allow us to locate and geographically distribute this global competition to achieve this. A competition in which each country is reduced to a color and its population to the players who defend it on the pitch. 

Take advantage of the usefulness of this specific color to represent each nation and pick up enough clues to understand the next rival a little better and to get to know the team that is the surprise of each tournament or the one that is the hardest to crack on the difficult road to glory. 

Winning results 

Our collections offer you an endless number of valuable pieces. It’s up to you to combine them judiciously and tastefully without losing sight of the objective of the project or assignment. The resulting puzzle should delight everyone: from demanding experts to neophytes (if they exist given the media bombardment), and even casual amateurs.  

Regardless of the result, you’ll always come out on top. 

And if your team does too, so much the better.