Introducing new brand identity logo templates

Creating a visual identity for a brand includes designing a logo with a business name and an image to represent it. A logo is like the face of a company. It appears at every point where the business meets the customer, from business cards to merchandising caps. Logo templates make a designer’s job much easier when building a brand identity.

Introducing Flaticon’s latest section, where you will find more than 200 top quality logos in PNG, SVG, EPS, PDF and JPG formats. Now it’s easier than ever to take the first steps with your business or brand.

But first, what is logo design? Read on to find out.

How do you design a logo?

To design a logo, you first need to do strategic work to create the original brand story. In the process of laying that groundwork, you’ll come to know the answer to a few key questions. For example:

  • What is the brand’s purpose?
  • What problem does it solve?
  • Who are the brand’s ideal customers?
  • How are customers expected to feel when they see the logo?
  • What are the brand’s future plans?
  • What aspect or feature differentiates the brand from the competition?

Once you have a defined name and collected all the information, you can start with the logo. 

The most common type of logo consists of the brand name, perhaps a tagline and a representative visual image. The image is used without the name on social media platforms and other positioning locations where space is limited by a circular shape.

At Flaticon you will discover a large collection of pre-designed logos with exactly this composition. It’s the most versatile! Download the logo of your choice in vector format and try using your own compositions to adapt it to the brand using your favorite design tool. 

logo templates

What is the importance of a logo?

You might ask yourself, “Why pay so much attention to logos?” Why are they so important? There are designers and brand strategists who say that the logo isn’t the foundation of a brand. They say that a logo is simply a tool that’s part of a branding process. They’re right; of course there’s much more to it, but that doesn’t mean a logo isn’t important. 

Branding is a very elaborate process. It requires a lot of detail and a lot of research. The logo is one piece of the puzzle that forms the visual whole, along with corporate colors, textures, fonts and other graphic elements. Other aspects of a brand are the tone or verbal identity, the message and the story.

How does a template help to design a logo?

When it comes down to designing a logo for a brand, there are several options, and starting with a template is one of the most favored because it saves a lot of time. At the beginning of a logo design job, there are always various versions to show the client. With a template, you can get to that phase much faster.

Logo templates are pre-designed with fonts and graphics chosen especially for a particular industry or type of business. Specific parameters or characteristics are used according to the industry in which the brand is situated. For example, environmental brands usually use green together with graphic elements related to nature. 

Designers often use templates when starting a logo treatment, and they are also very helpful for entrepreneurs who are creating a brand on their own. Logo templates are a small business’s best friend! With Flaticon’s templates, you can take the worry out of choosing the right font and the correct composition of the elements that make up the brand. 

logo templates

Design professional logos with Flaticon

Now with Flaticon you can design professional logos with the help of templates created especially for you by our designers. There are logos for all industries and business types. Just use the search engine to find the perfect logo. Try typing in your industry, a word representative of your brand, or the content you would like to integrate to display all results related to that topic. 

The Flaticon license allows you to use the logo designs in various ways, as long as you have a subscription to the platform. With the Flaticon license, you will be able to use your new logo in all these cases: 

⭐️ In commercial and personal projects

⭐️ In digital and print media

⭐️ On an unlimited and continual basis

⭐️ Worldwide

⭐️ Making your own modifications and derivative works

What are you waiting for? Start using Flaticon logos now! Discover them today on the platform.