The best music app designs

As an interface and user experience designer, you’ll be well aware of the importance of inspiration. Not only must UI design comply with your creative capacity, but also with the use of heuristic details for all users.

A music application, for example, depends greatly on that magic middle ground between usability and attractiveness. Those who use music apps do so mainly to listen to music. But they also use them to discover new music, create playlists and share with friends and acquaintances.

If you look in the App Store or Google Play, you’ll find that when you write “music” in the browser, several heavyweights appear, alongside some newer and other more iconic apps.

The apps you already know

First, we’ll take a look at the design of the music applications that you’re no doubt already familiar with and use every day. We’ll examine the common trends and what stands them apart. Take note of the characteristics that grab your attention.


The focal point of Spotify’s UI design is the color green. The Play button is an eye-catching green circle. The background color is a dark gray, and neither of these colors competes with the designs of the albums and photos of the artists.

Apple Music

Apple Music has been around since it was iTunes and, at the time, it had a different user interface style. It was more skeuomorphic, visually imitating physical music systems. Today, Apple Music’s UI design is similar to that of Spotify, in which the focal point is a color, in this case a hot orange-pink.


Deezer is somewhat different to the majority of music apps that have a dark font and a focal color. Deezer’s UI design has a white background and buttons with a gradient effect. The Play buttons are similar to those of Spotify, but in different colors. Deezer is free, so you’ll find space for adverts on the interface.


The most interesting thing about using the Tidal app is the sound quality of the music. You can choose between several different sound streaming options, while for master tracks you need a HiFi Plus account.


The purpose of the Qobuz app is based wholly on the quality of the music. The user interface is simple and minimalist, with fewer round corners than the other music apps on our list. The design does not need much, because ultimately the most important thing is the sound.


Soundcloud is another app to listen to music, but with a big difference compared to the others. In this app, you can upload your own music for others to discover. Soundcloud’s visual accent is an orange color and the visual representation of each song’ track.


TuneIn is an app to listen to radio programs, podcasts, news and sports. The user interface is easy to navigate and understand. The app is comfortable to use thanks to its white background and black font. There are some pop-ups with pleasing designs that do not feel too imposing.

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Artistic Concepts

Another source of inspiration when designing your music app is to look at UI design concepts shared by other designers. On Behance and Dribbble, you can find a wide variety of UI designs for music applications. 

Here are some examples. 

Cream Sound

The best thing about the design concept for the Cream Sound music app is the circular image of the album or artist. A small colored dot moves around the image as the music plays. It would be interesting to see this concept in other similar apps.

Music App Full Concept

In this concept, the designer set out all the steps, from the strategy and wireframes to sales and marketing graphs. The calls to action have round corners and colors with a gradient effect.

Deep Beats Music Player

The concept designer of this music player presented it as a whole, along with a branding strategy. To stand out from the majority of music player apps, the main color used on the backgrounds and buttons is green with a gradient effect.

Illustration Music App

This is a simple concept for a music application using neon colors on a dark background. The actions are not in separate buttons, but rather in groups for easy access. The illustrations in the playlists give the design a fun quality.

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