Music icons: new freebie to turn up the volume on your designs

For designers, illustrative icons are like a candy store full of all the flavors, colors, and textures. And the freebies with music icons are the best part, since they are free and super cool. 

In a store like that, the music icons would be those big swirling lollipops full of colors. The most daring and fun of the whole display. 

In this collection of Flaticon Premium Freebies, you’ll find a selection of music icons that we have chosen especially for you. 

Music for everyone

Music and icons have something in common. With icons, we communicate ideas without using words. And as Henry Longfellow once said, Music is the universal language of mankind. 

Take, for example, the symbol we make with our hands to show that we like hard rock. We don’t even have to say a single word, aside from breaking out the air guitar and our hand raised in a fist with the index and pinkie fingers extended.

The Music Multimedia icon pack not only represents rock fans but also brings you icons to visualize classical music, electronic music, and other music stories. The icons that you will find in this pack are not branded by a genre of music, nor by a certain era. 

In the package, you will find colorful icons in a flat style, ones that seem 3D without actually being so. You will also have access to its versions with an outline, as well as with an outline and colored interior. It doesn’t get any better than this.

As always, here we share some ideas on how to use the icons in this Premium Freebie.

  • On credentials for backstage passes at concerts.
  • As decoration in music school activities.
  • In brochures for musical events.
  • As stickers for music teachers.
  • To decorate musical instrument cases.
  • In t-shirt designs for a school field trip to listen to classical music.
  • As icons in a music app.
  • In the header of an email about your favorite music.
  • In a music review blog in your city.
  • Turned into a rubber stamp for nightclubs.
  • Added in a slide presentation.

Download Flaticon’s music freebie

Share the magic of music with your readers, customers, followers, and friends. Download this Premium Freebie now and start communicating visually with the universal language that we all know. 

Remember that you can easily change the color of the icons to suit your preference. This way you will achieve unified designs on the mark for all of your customers. 

Tell us on social media what your favorite icon from the collection is and show us how you used it!