New Freebie: download this ice cream stickers pack and freshen up your designs

Ice cream is summer’s best-loved icon. Not only for its thirst-quenching qualities but for its fresh flavors and creative colors. The #icecream hashtag on Instagram is still a delicious source of images.

Enjoy ice cream this summer with a collection of fun and colorful stickers. While we’re at it, we’ll take the chance to share some interesting facts about ice cream, its history and its role in urban culture.

The phenomenon of “I scream for ice cream”

In the United States, there is a cultural phenomenon surrounding ice cream. The song “I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream” is the ice cream anthem. Since it was first used in Hershey’s commercials in the 1950s, the song became as popular as ice cream itself. 

Did you know that chocolate sauce is the number 1 topping of choice, and that vanilla ice cream is the favorite flavor over all others?

Maybe this television commercial has something to do with the phenomenon. Not only that of the song, but also that of the preference for vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce.

Ice cream month

July is ice cream month and July 18 is ice cream day. This special day originates from the United States but has spread to the rest of the world. After all, who doesn’t like ice cream?

Use the stickers from this freebie to decorate your agenda or to make your social media graphics even more fun. Or maybe even to view a blog or article on the magic of ice cream.

The legacy of ice cream

Ice cream has a long history, shared by various cultures. The first ice creams were made in China 4,000 years ago with milk, fruits and rice. Other varieties originate from Ancient Persia and Ancient Greece. It wasn’t until 1300 that Marco Polo transported ice cream from Asia to Italy. There, it was transformed into what we know today as ice cream.

In around 1500, ice cream spread across the world thanks to its popularity in France. It was around this time that ice cream was established as a symbol of summer. 

Ice cream and its creative possibilities

There are many types of ice cream: gelato, sorbet, ice cream cones, sundaes with chocolate sauce, milkshakes, ice cream cakes, fruit popsicles and any other creation invented by talented chefs from around the world.

How do you like to enjoy your ice cream? Vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce or in a different style?

Ice cream on Instagram

Instagram is the perfect platform to continue telling the story of ice cream. From the popularity of photos of hands holding ice cream cones of all flavors at ice cream parlors throughout the world, to almost any shot that you can imagine.

Thanks to Instagram and to creative people, the best ice cream parlors in the world are now artists of ice cream. Amazing creations for Instagram and for the human soul. There’s no summer without ice cream and all things summer are shared on Instagram.

Flaticon offers you digital ice creams

Enjoy and design everything this July to celebrate ice cream month. For example, promotional cards for restaurants and coffee shops, stories and posts about ice cream, including recipes and ideas for summer. These illustrated ice creams will give your designs a playful and fun touch.

Print the Ice Cream Stickers onto sheets and share the love for ice cream with your followers, students and customers. 

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