Find consistent icons that match each other

No more going back and forth on the search results pages and keeping ten thousand tabs open to make sure you have all the icons you need for your project.

We’ve worked closely with our users and designers to make sure to develop the best possible solution for finding consistent icons in the same style quickly and easily. And now, we proudly introduce our new search addition Sort by style.

It does exactly what its name predicts; it finds icons that match each other in style. Let’s take a peek at all the features before you jump into trying them:

Sort by style

Begin by grouping the search results by style and browse through style options instead of individual icons. Neat! Isn’t it?


Search on the author’s style page


Save the styles you like

You can bookmark your favourite styles and easily find them again later in your bookmarks. (Please note that you need to be logged into to be able to access  your bookmarks.)


Try sorting by style and find consistent icons for all your projects.