Colorful Spring Icons. A New Freebie from Flaticon

Of the four seasons, spring brings with it the most color and life. And Flaticon is joining in by bringing you a cute collection of spring icons, ready to help you create lively and colorful designs.

You’ll find bunnies and Easter eggs, of course. But you’ll also find flowers, fruits, rainbows, and many more icons representative of this season.

Spring is an aspect of nature that always inspires creativity among artists, especially poets. That feeling of a new beginning has given life to many poems, such as the one below by Spain’s Juan Ramón Jiménez. Share your inspiration by producing spring designs that spread happiness.

Spring is Coming By Juan Ramón Jiménez

Spring is coming
The stars have proclaimed it!

Unsullied spring
Water has proclaimed it!

Unsullied and alive with glory.
The rose has proclaimed it!

With glory, transcendence, and passion.
Your voice has proclaimed it!

Ideas for using spring icons

This freebie pack includes colorful line style icons in a range of four vivid colors that will inspire happiness in young and old alike. 

But don’t forget that SVG files are fully customizable. You can change the color palette as you like to fit your brand or project. Even the black lines can be changed to another color for subtler or more delicate designs. The only limit is your own imagination.

Sorry? What was that? You don’t know how you can use these free icons? Well, here are a few ideas: 

  • Children’s party invitations for Easter egg hunts.
  • Social media headlines with spring designs.
  • Cookie packaging or decorations.
  • Greeting cards for clients or friends.
  • Stickers to hand out during the first days of spring.
  • T-shirts or aprons for preparing painted eggs.
  • Decorations for party tables.
  • Shopping receipts for Easter parties.

Download the freebies pack now, so you can welcome spring in style!