New freebie! 20 summer stickers

It’s time to take a quiz to find out whether you are a sticker fan! We think you’ll like these summer stickers anyway. 
Answer these questions with “yes” or “no”, and add one point for each “yes. Then check your results in the legend at the end of the quiz.

⭐️ Is your laptop covered in stickers?

⭐️ Do you use stickers for your bullet journal or diary?

⭐️ Do you put stickers on your notebooks and notepads?

⭐️ Do you hand out stickers to students or classmates?

⭐️ Do you buy printed stickers in shops or online?

⭐️ Do you use stickers when wrapping gifts?

If you scored more than four, you are definitely a fan of stickers.

Last question, which sticker style do you like best, ones with a white border or ones without?

Enjoy the summer with your favorite stickers

One of the most fun activities with stickers is to print out sheets of your favorite designs and share them with your friends, colleagues, students or clients. You don’t need to have a special printer or anything. Just order from one of the online printers that offer high quality sticker printing.

These are our favorite online printers. Find yours and share your summer happiness with this Summer Stickers freebie.

Sticker Mule

Sticker Mule is the favorite sticker printer for designers, brands, teachers and businesses. There are many paper and vinyl options for long lasting stickers –  perfect for your laptop cover!

The great thing about Sticker Mule is that they offer die-cuts that follow the edge of the design, with or without a white border. Just upload your designs, choose your style, get them printed and delivered to your home or office. They have a worldwide delivery service.


Moo’s online store started out as a business card printer, but it was inevitable that they would add a sticker printing service. Moo has fewer cutting options, but enough to create round or square sticker sheets or labels. 

Just like Sticker Mule, upload your stickers and send them to print. Soon a nice pack of stickers will arrive at your address to share with whomever you choose. Moo also has a worldwide delivery service.


In Mexico, you have Creatify. Their offer is very similar to Sticker Mule’s and even more varied in terms of die-cut styles. They have many options for printing stickers, labels and even magnets. 

These designs of ice cream, umbrellas and suns with faces would look great as magnets! Upload your designs, send them to print and you’re done. They deliver all over Mexico.


There are several online decal printing services in Europe, and this is one of them. At Pixartprinting, apart from die-cuts, half die-cuts and sticker sheets, they also offer a resin drop decal style. These stickers are more rigid and look great on notebook covers.

Upload your designs, choose your cutting style and enjoy the summer with your favorite stickers.

Download the Freebie Summer Stickers by Flaticon

With this collection of summer stickers, you can live your life as a sticker fan to the fullest. Share and enjoy the pleasures of summer with one of Flaticon’s best Freebies. Click on the image and the sticker file will download to your computer.

This Flaticon sticker pack is packed with fun summer characters. It is part of the Acid Lineal Color collection, with acidic characters that are perfect for any occasion. Notable for their wide-open eyes, these acid summer characters will help you enjoy the heat. Normally available exclusively, but thanks to this Freebie you can download them free of charge and start using them immediately. 

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