Susan Kare + 12 developers and designers you should know about

March 8 is International Women’s Day, and the perfect occasion to celebrate women working in the design world. 

Below you’ll find out about Susan Kare and 12 female UI/UX developers and designers who were trendsetters in user experience and computer systems.

From designing icons for computers to developing interactive games, there are women breaking glass ceilings in technology all over the world. Let’s inspire the curious girls of this generation to follow in the footsteps of these exemplary women.

Susan Kare Women Designers

1. Susan Kare

Susan Kare was the designer responsible for creating the first icons used in Apple computers. Her vision of the importance of humanizing technology and computing was fundamental for Apple and user experience design. Today, Kare works as a Design Architect at Niantic Labs. 

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Elizabeth Churchill_Flaticon_Visual_EN

2. Elizabeth Churchill

Elizabeth Churchill is the Head of UX at Google, where she works as a UX designer on tools for designers and developers. In the 1990s, she was one of the pioneers of people-centered design and user experience research. In recent years at Google, she has worked on the usability of several Google tools such as and

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3. Carly Lodge

Carly Lodge is an experience and interface designer who now works as Design Manager at Instagram. Over the past few years, she has crafted interfaces and experience design for Jon Bon Jovi, America’s Cup, Cricket Wireless, Fillmore Merchants’ Association and Hipmunk.

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4. Montse Carné

Montse Carné is a senior designer with interface experience specializing in design systems. She is the head of user experience and user interface design for Drest, a mobile gaming platform about fashion. Carné has worked as a UX/UI designer for other video game platforms too.

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5. Joanna Otmianowska

Joanna Otmianowska is a front end engineer at OLX Group and has built a collection of public projects on GitHub. She teaches programming on her blog Wake Up and Code, where she shares stories from her experience as a programmer in systems engineering.

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6. Pamela Fox

Pamela Fox was a senior systems programmer at Khan Academy, where she built the systems architecture in React to improve the usability of the platform. Now, Fox teaches Python programming at co:rise.

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Julie Zhuo_Flaticon_designer

7. Julie Zhuo

Julie Zhuo was the VP of Design at Facebook, where she worked leading teams to create the Facebook app. She started her career at Facebook as a beginner when there were fewer than 100 people on the team. In 2019 she published her book The Making of a Manager.

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Jessie Ren_Flaticon

8. Jessie Ren

Jessie Ren is a product designer. She has worked as a user experience designer at Apple, interface designer at Google and YouTube, and also at Evernote. You can see some of her work on her Dribbble profile. 

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9. Carolyn Li-Madeo

Carolyn Li-Madeo is currently Wikimedia’s design lead after being their head of user experience design. She has also taught at Pratt Institute and does pro bono work for NGOs.

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10. Lidia Ruiz Olmedo

Lidia Ruiz Olmedo is a user experience and interface designer at HP. The focus of her work is on stores worldwide. Her career began when she studied communications and then graphic design. Her love for organization and web design led her to pursue a career in UX/UI design.

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11. Dani Roxberry

Dani Roxberry is a programmer and systems engineer with knowledge of all development languages. During her career, she worked in user experience and system design for IMAX, among other entities. Nowadays, she works as a teacher at the Dominican University of California.

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12. Fang Yi Chu

Fang Yi Chu is a multifaceted designer and works as a creative interface designer for Elephant. Her background in visual design from various disciplines brings a special angle to her user experience design work.

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Linnea Mots

13. Linnea Motts

Linnea Motts is a UX/UI designer at The Walt Disney Company. Her specialty is creating video games and digital products for children. Her career at The Walt Disney Company began when she joined as a junior designer. Previously, she taught design at LCAD.

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Inspire your own design career

Are you a designer looking for inspiration to grow your career? We’re hoping that this list has given you a boost and some ideas to learn more and pursue jobs that make you happy.

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