Turning sustainability into a great user experience

Time magazine has published its already extremely popular list of 100 Most Influential Companies in the world in 2022. Of course, it should come as no surprise that among the most prominent are several technology startups whose aim is to promote a more sustainable lifestyle that is within reach of most folks. And that also includes you.

Don’t worry, none of them require you to have superhuman abilities. At Flaticon we notice that all of them have a rather interesting common denominator: they promote sustainability as an experience for the user. And like everything that revolves around the user experience nowadays, they do it in a nice, affordable, user-friendly way. That is, without expecting any major effort from the person on the other side of the screen. 

In a globalized world, sustainability is one of the most important challenges that companies face, so it’s not surprising that today’s younger generations are focusing on this goal, be it directly or indirectly. 

In the month of April, after the arrival of spring and with Earth Day and its celebrations, these issues are garnering more attention than ever. That’s why this trend – which is taking root – of understanding sustainability as an experience to apply in your day-to-day life without any major effort, has caught our attention. 

The list of the 100 most influential companies in the world according to Time magazine includes these three startups that make it possible. And guess what? The UX and UI design of their web or applications have a lot to do with this goal. 

Too Good to Go

Too Good To Go 

Ever heard of this app? Too Good To Go is the app for taking advantage of food and perishable products that is growing in popularity by leaps and bounds month after month. As its name suggests, its mission is to rescue those products that are too good to be tossed out but are about to become unsellable. 

With a simple and very intuitive interface, it allows you to find out which local establishments in your neighborhood have a daily surplus from which they make packs that can save you tons of money. You can find perfectly good fruits and vegetables, bread, restaurant food…and even plants and flowers! And best of all, you can save them from being wasted and thrown away. 

Icons play an important role in all of their visuals: both in the app, where they typically use solid and stroke interface icons, as well as in their digital communications and social media content, where they occasionally use hand-drawn icons. You already know that we have all types of icons at Flaticon. Now you can also filter them by style to quickly locate the images that interest you the most, selecting, for example, the hand-drawn images among the filter options

Sustainability - Impossible Foods

Impossible Foods

Impossible Foods was born in the US with the aim of reducing the destructive impact of our eating habits on the environment “by completely replacing the use of animals as a food production technology”, according to their own website. They make all kinds of plant-based foods.

You named it; yes, even hamburgers. This reduces the environmental impact we generate every day when we eat:

“By eating meat made from plants instead of meat made from animals, we can drastically cut our carbon footprint, save water supplies and help ensure that our precious Earth is here not just tomorrow but for future generations.”

Have you noticed the design of their website? It’s colorful and anything but boring. At Flaticon, one of the things we liked the most was the use of stickers to convey their identity throughout their website. Not only are they cool and trendy, but they also make the experience enjoyable. The brand fulfills its goal, and the user also has fun browsing the site. Is there anything more user experience than that?

If you also want stickers to give your project personality, at Flaticon you are sure to find something original.

Calm App sustainability UX


Day in, day out we spend more and more time being connected on different devices. The abuse of technology can have a negative impact on the connection with ourselves and on our healthy habits: especially on sleep and on the conscious consumption of goods and services.

The Calm app promotes a healthier lifestyle and seeks to make a positive impact on people and on the planet, through meditation and conscious disconnection. The design of its interface tries to connect the user with nature through images and sounds and disconnect the user from the impulsive consumption of other apps. 

Calm offers a solution to these problems that is as simple as putting relaxation and meditation experiences in the palm of your hand, and facilitating better quality sleep, to connect with ourselves and with the planet. Achieving these goals through an interface has earned the app consecutive awards and recognition in recent years.

We have already seen that being conscious of the impact of our activity on the planet is not only a necessity but is beginning to be a very tangible trend in the most influential companies in the world. If you are thinking about launching a sustainable project, we’ve got you covered! Check out all the images Flaticon has available for you to use. 

You can start with a simple first step: raise awareness through your content. To help you with this, in our most recent post you will be able to download premium environmental icons for free. Why not give it a try?