The best tools for team project management

Successful teamwork depends greatly on the software used among team members. Even more so when the team is scattered across the country or even the world. Project management tools have improved in recent years. Nowadays, there is a wide range of options available. 

Are you ready to start working as a team in an organized manner and with tools to help you reach joint goals? Forget about organizing everything by email and discover the best online project management apps. 

We made a list of our favorite tools. We use many of these tools at Freepik Company to work together on all types of projects. Including this very blog!

Ready? Let’s go.  

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Slack is the preferred tool for communication between teams and contributors. With Slack you can create channels for specific topics, follow conversation threads about a particular project and send private or group messages. 

The best thing about Slack is everything it lets you do. This page, dedicated to Slack tips, shares 10 recommendations beyond messaging so that you can be even more productive with your team. For example, using emojis to confirm having seen a task and using polls to find out the team’s opinions.


Notion is the favorite tool of lovers of minimalist design. The whole app is in black and white. The only color is in the classification emojis and the header images you can choose.

The main idea behind Notion is to use it with your team as a source of truth. All documents, processes and information points can be saved as part of a large database. The best part is that you can set up the information flow however you see fit. You can even use Notion templates as a starting point.


Asana is an app designed specifically to improve team productivity. Everything is centered around projects and tasks. Set up your work processes with defined tasks that include important information such as the name of the managers, when the task must be ready, the documents necessary to complete it and several other options that can be used to personalize flows.

In fact, this is the best thing about Asana, the ability to personalize productive flows. You can choose between lists, boards, timelines and calendars. You can also create each project with the flow of your choice and even for teams working for different customers.


ClickUp is similar to Asana but with a greater capacity to personalize automated flows. The functionality of both Asana and ClickUp is based on the same idea: to provide a single platform for teamwork. The difference is how much more you can do on ClickUp. With the free plan, ClickUp lets you do things that don’t come cheap on Asana. 

What’s more, ClickUp has a greater capacity for personalization than Asana at any subscription level. Project managers who use Click Up prefer to use productivity automation. The only downside is that the learning curve is somewhat steep, and a certain level of training is needed for all team members.


Trello is one of the longest-standing productivity apps. It first started as a simple Kanban platform with vertically aligned boards. Kanban is a productivity system adopted by many productivity tools, including most of those on this list. Trello improved its capacities over time until Atlassian (the owner of Jira, a programmer tool) bought the brand and the platform. 

When Atlassian took over Trello, it completed its portfolio of productivity tools. Jira is the most important, helping programmers with their agile processes, and Trello is for everybody else. Getting started with Trello is easy and will be of great help, whether you’re a freelancer or have a small team.

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Pro tip – make the most of the integrations between apps

Do you know the best thing about using any of these productivity tools? The integrations. An integration is a direct connection between two apps with different functions. For example, integration between Slack and Zoom allows you to make Zoom calls from the Slack app itself.

There are also many more similar integrations. Many of the actions that previously required Zapier can now be performed with integrations. This functionality can only get better in all productivity tools. Make the most of them!

For example, integration between Figma and Flaticon is key to designing the most amazing interfaces.

Teamwork has never been so easy

This list includes our favorite productivity tools. But there are many more! Before you get started, do some research to choose the perfect tool for your team. Handle your team project management in a versatile and efficient manner

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