Vector icons, the new way to communicate better on Powerpoint

Communication is a cosmic aspect, one that is so vast and dynamic that it requires one to have a lot of flexibility, if he or she is going to remain updated in this ‘fast moving’ world. Power point, being one of Microsoft’s most commonly used programs, embraces all the new dynamics in communication. After using Power point for the first few moments, you will realize that the possibilities are endless when it comes to presenting your ideas. The incorporation of icons and symbols into this program, precisely vector icons, have further effected a new trend in communication. In this new trend, people making presentations using power point, don’t have to use plain text all through their work in order to communicate.

The use of vector icons has come to be accepted universally, now that most of the icons used are relevant in design and meaning. Animated vector icons for instance are a nice way to represent your ideas in a power point presentation. For example, instead of writing the word computer, you can use a computer icon, to represent the impression of a computer in your presentation. Vector icons tend to be very direct in meaning in most of the situations they are used in and this makes them very handy in communication and conventional.


While seeking for vector icons, not every vector icon is appropriate and effective. You must therefore seek for a vector icon that is more prominent and obvious than the rest. Moreover, the vector file format and image file formats also determine the validity of vector icons in a presentation. Remarkably, EPS, EMF and SVG are the most common vector formats whereas PNG, TIF and JPG are the most widely used image files.

After discovering the practicability of Vector icons in power point, the bigger question would be, where can I source for Vector icons? Well the answer is straightforward, there are two main sources of vector icons; Paid for sources and free sources. For free part, I would strongly recommend that you use the free utilities such as The good thing with sourcing for vector icons from such free websites is that they have little or no restrictions at all.



There are several advantages of using vectors in a power point presentation. The prime benefit of doing this is that, vector icons tend to be very captivating in the presentation and they effectively eliminate the blatancy emanating from the plain text in the presentation. In other words, vector icons are ornamental in a presentation, making it more presentable. In addition, as compared to plain texts, vector icons communicate more than what is seen in the text. In other words, they create a new perception in the viewer whereby he or she is engaged fully into the presentation.

For example, when watching a presentation of tech gadgets, using vector icons, engages the viewer more, since he or she wants to think and rethink the ideas being communicated symbolically in the icons. Unlike the case where plain text is used, vector icons are trickier to understand and thus more interesting and engaging.


Inserting vector icons into a power point presentation is not that taxing an affair. To start with, you have to open your power point presentation and insert a clip art or any other file, which includes vector icon formats. This can be done by clicking on the insert tab and in the already opened task window, type the name of the vector file and make a selection. In order for your vector icon file to appear in this list you have to convert it first to EMF file. This can successfully be done through some online tools. However, be sure to note where your converted file has been saved, so that you can locate it easily when inserting it into your presentation.


Cool!! Isn’t it? Try this in your next presentation and I am sure you will be overwhelmed by your audience’s appreciation. You can leave in your feedback in the comments section..