Alert, new trend! Websites in black and white

There are many different design styles. Visual inspiration is infinite, as are ideas. That is how styles and trends come about, when creatives from around the world give life to similar designs. 

The technique of designing in black and white is one of these timeless trends. It comes in and out of fashion over the years. And it is currently experiencing yet another moment of glory. 

Do you like the idea of designing a website in black and white? This blog will show you eight websites that use black and white as a fundamental visual aspect. 

Websites in black and white

1. Notion

The first example on our list is the productivity platform Notion. Its black and white interface inspires the creativity of its users. Notion is a system that can be used to create all types of productivity boards. 

Its black and white design is ideal for inspiring the feeling of a “white canvas.” The only touches of color can be found in the small icons, the tabs and the graphics or videos uploaded by users.

To browse and explore the interface, it is necessary to be registered on the platform. Don’t worry; creating an account is free! You can also start by checking out its blog. What do you think about using hand-drawn icons in the drop-down menus?

Websites in black and white

2. Kakao Brain

As a visual base, the combination of black and white is ideal for websites with content that is changed regularly. In this case, colorful works of art would compete with a background in any other color.

Did you know that this is why art galleries have white walls? This way, the works of art can be enjoyed without distractions. On the Kakao Brain website, the titles are pure black, but the white background is not exactly “pure white but,” but rather a glacial white.

Websites in black and white

3. House of Gucci

The House of Gucci film is as chic and dramatic as the real story. And so is the film’s promotional website. When entering the website, you’re met by large gold letters on a glacial white background, similar to that of Kakao Brain. The background has still photos of the production of the House of Gucci film, all in black and white.

This color combination is not just limited to the website but is also used in the wardrobe design and scene direction. Gold completes the elegant and powerful combination of the Gucci family and their story.

Websites in black and white

4. The Message to Ukraine

In honor of Ukrainian Independence Day, the Obys agency created a website illustrated in black and white. Just like the House of Gucci website, it also has an additional color to give depth to the interactions. The “wheat field” color adds a level of history to the black and white design base.

Finding the perfect color to add history to a black and white website is extremely important. In The Message of Ukraine, the wheat color represents the agricultural reality in Ukraine. They are the leading producers of wheat in the world.

Websites in black and white

5. The Witcher on Netflix

This is the promotional website for the program The Witcher. The gray tones, ranging from almost black to almost white, create a unique browsing experience. It is worth mentioning that the black and white setting starts to fill with color in the inner sections of the website.

The digital experience offered by the website of The Witcher is rich in content and design. The welcome page offers a visual history in comic style and in black and white. The level of detail on this website is so high that a black and white welcome page makes sense.

6. Venus Story

Some websites are like digital museums, full of information in different formats and styles. Like the Kakao Brain website, Venus Story uses black and white as its base colors. But in this case, black is the background color with white font.

It must be said that the term “black and white” design is not limited to colors with HEX #000000 and #ffffff codes. These are considered as pure white and pure black. When it is all about the visual aspect and capturing the meaning, the combination of pure black and white tones is somewhat shocking. That’s why many designers use color tones that are almost black or almost white.

Websites in black and white

7. Kirifuda

Kirifuda, a Japanese creative agency, also has a black and white website. In this example, black is used mainly as the background color with a white font. On the welcome page, however, it is the other way round. This website uses a combination of pure colors, so the text is somewhat difficult to read on pages with a black background.

This is another example of how a black and white website is essential for showing varied content in various formats. On the Kirifuda website, they did a good job of balancing out the black and white backgrounds.

Websites in black and white

8. The Sum

The Sum is another website by a group of creatives. Have you noticed the pattern of when the black and white style is used? In this case, the design includes illustrations and clean and simple browsing. As you can see, portfolio websites are also perfect because the content is varied and in different styles!

The only other color used on The Sum is a neutral gray that gives the site some depth. This example may provide inspiration if you’re looking for an original and simple website. But don’t forget to add a touch of personality to make your website stand out from the many other black and white sites.

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