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        Icon Pack: Coolicons

        400 icons

        • Black back closed envelope shape free icon
        • Restaurant interface symbol of fork and knife couple free icon
        • Ruble currency sign free icon
        • Hotel building free icon
        • Camping tent free icon
        • Youtube rounded square logo free icon
        • Android logo free icon
        • Linked in logo of two letters free icon
        • Facebook logo free icon
        • MD free icon
        • Facebook letter logo free icon
        • Lightning bolt black shape free icon
        • Clock circular outline free icon
        • Twitter black shape free icon
        • Microphone voice interface symbol free icon
        • Left quotes sign free icon
        • Pencil black tool interface symbol free icon
        • Golf flag and field free icon
        • Wedding rings couple free icon
        • Menu interface symbol of four horizontal lines with dots free icon
        • Vk logo of social network free icon
        • Speech bubble couple of black rectangular shapes free icon
        • Apple black shape logo with a bite hole free icon
        • Verify free icon
        • View eye interface symbol free icon
        • Youtube logo free icon
        • Right quotes symbol free icon
        • Speaker interface audio symbol free icon
        • Plus sign free icon
        • Check mark sign free icon
        • Google plus logo free icon
        • Hide interface symbol free icon
        • Pinterest circular logo symbol free icon
        • Sun black shape free icon
        • Question sign free icon
        • Linux penguin free icon
        • Skype logo free icon
        • Dollar bill free icon
        • Heart black shape free icon
        • Hard disc free icon
        • Unlocked padlock free icon
        • Player play button symbol free icon
        • Player play button of circular shape free icon
        • Wireless signal interface status symbol of bars group free icon
        • Train travelling on railroad free icon
        • Discapacity wheels chair circular sign free icon
        • Microphone with slash interface symbol for mute audio free icon
        • War airplane bottom view black shape free icon
        • Instagram photo camera symbol free icon
        • Like symbol for interface of black hand shape with thumb up free icon
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