Flaticon and OceanWP, a collaboration to create the most versatile websites

Website design and development is one of the most frequent challenges faced by digital professionals today. Whether you work as a freelancer or as part of a team, you will have noticed how the boundaries between profiles and their functions are not always entirely defined. 

Website development is a discipline that has made huge advances in a short period of time. There is a growing number of technological solutions that streamline the entire website creation process. The expansion of WordPress and its themes has democratized access to website creation. And today we want to tell you all about our collaboration with one of the most frequently used themes in the world: OceanWP

The number of templates available, the ease and versatility with which they can be customized, and its perfect performance rating have made this theme a firm favorite, for expert and beginner profiles alike. 

And now, thanks to the collaboration between OceanWP, Flaticon and Freepik, website creation will be even easier, as well as more convenient and efficient. What’s more, you’ll achieve a more optimal and eye-catching final result, thanks to the number of high-quality graphic resources that you can include in a very simple and intuitive way.

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  1. How does it work?
  2. Integrated Resources

What does the collaboration entail?

From now on, OceanWP templates will include Flaticon icons in their designs. One of the most frequently used themes and the biggest icon database in the world are coming together to make your life easier. Sounds good, right? The templates also include images and other Freepik resources, such as photos, illustrations, graphics and other vectors. All ready to publish whenever you want.

OceanWP Flaticon Freepik

How does it work?

Ocean Images is a special feature that is now available to users with the Ocean Core extensions bundle for companies and agencies. This feature allows you to import Flaticon or Freepik resources directly to your WordPress media library. It’s easy to set up: 

1. Enable the Flaticon and Freepik modules in Ocean WP

Go to the OceanWP theme panel in the WordPress toolbar and click on Ocean Images. There you’ll find the drop-down menus, where you can enable the Freepik and Flaticon modules. You can install one or both of them. You decide! Remember, you must save the changes for them to work. 

2. Find the resource you need

Once installed, go to the media library in the WordPress menu and explore all the available resources in Ocean Images. Don’t forget to refresh the page after installing the modules from point 1 so that the new features appear. 

You’ll have access to the whole Flaticon icon library. In other words, the world’s largest collection of icons. 

As you know, the use of icons and other graphic resources is an essential and highly important part of any digital product. With this agreement, we’ll save you the job of having to successfully design them, optimize them and save them to your WordPress library.

OceanWP Flaticon Freepik

3. Focus on the design and nothing else

You won’t have to worry about anything but creating your website and making it as eye-catching as possible. Thanks to the collaboration between Flaticon and OceanWP you won’t have to pay attention to any other details. It’s all ready for you to start designing!

Integrated Resources

If what you need is to use an OceanWP template with the maximum number of built-in graphic resources, then here you have it! All OceanWP templates are ready to be published as soon as you’ve finished customizing them to your liking.

Until now, you had to fill in the image and icon placeholders yourself after installing a theme. But after the agreement, all the images included in your chosen template are ready to be published without further complications, or you can replace them with another if you prefer: you simply have to browse the OceanWP and Flaticon or Freepik media library and replace whichever resource you want. 

OceanWP Flaticon Freepik

At Flaticon and OceanWP, our shared goal is to facilitate the creation of amazing websites and make them available to the greatest number of professionals, regardless of their experience. And to ensure that your customers and visitors see the most eye-catching result possible. 

Make the most of these additions and take your website creation with WordPress to the next level. You supply the ideas and skills; we’ll supply the tools and resources.

About Freepik and Flaticon API: The services provided by Freepik and Flaticon, which are highly acclaimed in the industry, are now widely available as APIs to all service providers, platforms, agencies and designers who want to integrate the best photos, vectors and icons in their own service or workflow, in the easiest and most hassle-free way possible. Write to us at corporate@freepik.com for more information.