Speed up your Figma creations with the new Flaticon plugin

Since we launched the beta version of the Flaticon plugin, we have been testing it, listening to you, and evaluating your comments. Out of all your input, one thing was super clear – we needed to bring SVG format.

SVG is exclusive to Premium users, which means implementing an authentication process is essential for granting access. Our API solution didn’t support the authentication, so the API team had to update it (Major kudos to these guys, they rock!). This gave us some time to improve the plugin in other areas.

Fast forward to now; we have a whole new version of the plugin that has one clear purpose – to make your design process faster and easier.

All the key features of the plugin are summed up in this video, and you can also read about them below.

Try the plugin

Much needed vectors

The icons in the beta version were only available in PNG format. That’s old news. With the current version, you can log in to your Flaticon account, and if you’re a Premium user, you can import all icons in SVG format.

UI facelift

We redesigned the plugin’s UI so it’s not distracting you from working on your creations. The interactions are simple and smooth, while the look is neutral and minimal, all so that you can stay focused on your design and your workflow is uninterrupted.

Search, supa-fast!

The core idea of the plugin is to save your time so you don’t have to go back and forth to Flaticon web. Every feature is made to be simple and fast, and the same goes for icon searching. Loading of the search results is so smooth you barely notice it.

Interactive components

Components are the core of design systems. With the Flaticon plugin, you can insert icons directly as components. And if you change your mind about them, you can easily replace them in the component and its instances with a different icon in just one click. We call this feature a component swap.

Insert settings

The importing size and option to enable components are now directly under the search bar, so you can change it anytime you need without leaving the search results view.

Insert on click

Don’t worry. The good old drag and drop isn’t going anywhere. But sometimes, you just need to “throw the icons in.” We get it, so we added an option to insert icons in just one click. This works wonders if you enable auto-layout. The plugin is smart enough to understand the layout and places the icons according to the auto-layout settings.

Just like a little icon thesaurus

Can’t think of the right word to search for a certain icon? It happens to all of us. Under every icon, you can see all tags for it. They’re clickable, and by clicking on them, you trigger a new search based on the selected keyword.

See icon pack

If you like a certain icon and are looking for more of them with the same look, you can easily see its sisters and brothers by viewing the full icon pack.

I could spend more time describing all the plugin’s details, but you don’t want to read that much, and anyway, it’s best if you just see it for yourself. Try the plugin and let us know what you think.

We want your ideas!

We’re always looking for ways to improve the plugin and your experience. You’re more than welcome to tell us your thoughts under the Figma community file or leave your feedback in the form (also linked in the plugin).