Collections: a compilation of love-filled icons

In February, everything is covered with little hearts and love-filled designs to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Like for example:

♥️ The cards that accompany bouquets of flowers.

♥️ Heart-shaped balloons tied to boxes of chocolates.

♥️ Decorative coffee mugs for having a coffee with your partner.

♥️ Stickers and labels for notebooks.

♥️ Promotional graphics for businesses.

Do you have jobs pending in your diary for clients who have asked you for Valentine’s Day designs? Planning to change your social media headers or create fun posts to celebrate the day? Well, don’t worry because Flaticon has all the love-filled icons you’ll need for every kind of Valentine’s Day graphic design. 

♥️ Need simple, single-color icons? We’ve got you covered at Flaticon

♥️ Looking for colorful, textured icons? You’ll find those too in this Freebie.

Discover all the love-filled icons available on Flaticon and produce happy designs for everyone!

How to Use Flaticon’s Freebie Love-Filled Icons

Download the free folders of love-filled icons right here. The files are organized by style; linear or detailed. Use them as they are or change the color in your favorite design program. 

Happy Valentine’s Day from the Flaticon team!