Surprise! Double freebie for Programmers’ Day

Hello, World! 

September 13 is Programmers’ Day, and we want to celebrate with you. If you’re a programmer, thanks for building our digital world. What would we do without you?

If you’re not a programmer, take a moment to thank those around you. If not for programmers, we wouldn’t have all the computer resources we have today. And our lives would be very, very different.  

Happy Programmers’ Day!

Programmers’ Day and the hexadecimal language

The interesting meaning behind Programmers’ Day is linked to the hexadecimal language, one of the most important programming languages. If the days of the year are counted hexadecimally, September 13 is day number 256. The number 256 is emblematic of the world of programming and computer systems. One byte, the smallest storage measurement in the binary system, contains 256 individual values in 8 bits.

If you’re a programmer yourself, you’ll understand perfectly what I’m talking about. And if not, it doesn’t matter! Maybe you can celebrate Programmers’ Day with your friends or work colleagues. In these free icons offered by Flaticon, you’ll discover two collections of icons related to programming. 

Take this opportunity to access these Premium icons and stickers. Remember that if you register on Flaticon you’ll have thousands, no millions, of icons, stickers and Uicons available to you.

Freebie 1: Retro Internet Computer

The first collection in this Premium resource is designed in a retro style with a Kawaii touch. Let’s go back to the past for a moment and remember the pioneering programmers and those who remember floppy discs and CD-ROMs

Do you think Ada Lovelace, the first programmer in the history of IT, would have liked a design resource like this? The fact of the matter is that programmers will love these designs, especially all those who know that the floppy disc existed before the save icon.  Not the other way round. 

The colors will attract all the young programmers who want to create apps, games and innovative products. Download this Freebie to celebrate Programmers’ Day with experienced and young programmers alike.

Pack of linear color programming icons

Linear icons are the perfect style to celebrate Programmers’ Day. If you’re a programmer yourself, these icons are ideal for your business’s website. Give your information a visual touch and get more customers.

If you’re not a programmer but know one or two, send them greetings on this emblematic day. Design a graphic, a GIF, an animated video or send a decorated email. 

Programming + Design = Flaticon

Designing and working with programmers is easier with Flaticon by your side. Have you already tried Flaticon integration with Figma? Or Flaticon’s interface icon font? These resources bridge the gap between designers and programmers. 

Celebrate Programmers’ Day; they bring your ideas to life.