Icons and stickers to design projects to fall in love with

They say that love should be celebrated every day. But, whether you like it or not, there is one date on the calendar when love seems more important than ever – Valentine’s Day

As it approaches, we begin seeing the world filling up with the hearts and romantic phrases that flood websites, banners and all kinds of creative pieces. Nowadays, February 14th is also one of those dates that stand out in the sales calendar

This was not always the case. It’s not very clear how this came about, but one explanation places the origin of this festival some centuries before Christ’s birth, in the celebration of Lupercalia (or the festival of the she-wolf) that was celebrated in honor of Lupa, the she-wolf that suckled the founders of Rome, Romulus and Remus.  

However, another explanation places the origin as a celebration of Christian origin, linked to the figure of a Roman priest. For one point, guess what his name was? Valentine! The young cleric decided to defy the emperor’s ban preventing young men from marrying so that they would perform better in the army and began celebrating marriages in secret. After being discovered, he was arrested and imprisoned. There, the officer challenged him to perform a miracle: to restore his daughter Julia’s sight. But despite his success, Valentine was put to death on 14 February 269. Before his tragic end, he sent a farewell letter to his beloved Julia, signing it with the phrase “From your Valentine”.

The celebration has changed a great deal since then, but what is still present, year after year, is the exaltation of love by lovers all over the world. 

So to help you spread the love on this special date, at Flaticon we have also focused on our romantic side by compiling some of our most loving icon packs. 

Linear icons that are pure love

Valentine Flaticon

If there’s one symbol that represents love, it is undoubtedly the heart. That’s why this iconic element is a vital presence in our collection of linear icons for Valentine’s Day

Here you will find hearts of all kinds to help you illustrate your Valentine’s Day content and projects. They work well in any medium and, moreover, you can fully customize them to adapt them to any visual identity you are working with. 

Little gifts to fall in love with

Valentine Flaticon

Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to give little gifts to those we love – a card, some flowers, a special gift, everything is welcome. 

They say it’s these little details that make the difference, so we’ve selected this pack of flat icons packed with details and references to love to give a romantic touch to your designs without leaving anything out.

A crush on gradients

Valentine Flaticon

If you want to create Valentine’s Day content without falling into the trap of clichés and if you’re looking for a different touch, you can try adding these icons in gradient tones to your designs, which, of course, you can also customize and adapt to your brand. 

We love stickers

Valentine Flaticon

There are some loves that can’t be kept secret and our love for these Valentine’s Day stickers is one of them. Envelopes full of love, heart-shaped gifts, candles, flowers and sweets will make it easy to add a fun, romantic touch to your designs. 

You know that no two loves are the same, so take advantage of all these resources to represent love for Valentine’s Day, no matter what kind it is. Try using them in your interface designs or include them in your social media content, flyers, cards… or anything else you have in mind. 

Design projects to fall in love with this Valentine’s Day.