Let’s make a lasting impression with Retro Neon Icons

Calvin Harris told us once that It was acceptable in the 80s. Well, Calvin, it was not only acceptable at the time.  The 80s have always been remembered for their iconic fashion, music, and art styles. 

The 80s retro style is inspired by technological advances from the last century: personal computers, graphic user interfaces, arcade games, video game consoles, walkmans,  portable phones… From neon-colored outfits to unique hairstyles, the decade was filled with trends that are still popular today. It is now seen in fashion, art, series, films, social media, and much more. 

Nowadays, one of the most memorable elements of the 80s has come back in icon design: retro neon style. This vibrant colorful trend is now seen everywhere, from logos to websites and even vector illustrations. Welcome to a festival of bright colors: punchy red, striking yellow, deep blue, strong magenta (which is also Pantone Color of the Year 2023)… Let’s explore how retro neon style inspired by the 80s is influencing modern icon trends.

Back to the futuristic style

The iconic retro Neon style has become a very popular trend recently in digital iconography. Bold, vibrant colors and geometric shapes with sharp lines characterize this style. Le freak cest icon(ic). 

It is perfect for making a lasting impression on viewers with minimal effort. The use of neon colors with lighting effects also adds fun and playfulness to the design, which makes it appealing. Additionally, the bright hues are eye-catching and can help draw attention to important parts of the interface or website design. Retro Neon icons are therefore great for creating memorable visuals that stand out from other designs in the digital space. 

Special Retro Neon Icon collections

User experience pack

The Retro Neon style is anything but old-fashioned. It is bright, attractive, bubbly, brave, and flamboyant. As Coco Chanel once said, “Fashion comes and goes, but style goes on forever.” We gave this timeless style a modern twist by creating a selection of User Experience icons. Time to bring back iconic memories to your users without using a GameBoy Color. 

Winter pack

Arcade games, retro parties, disco music… And what about mixing cozy winter vibes with bright colors and flashy designs? Enjoy a not-so-relaxing winter season with our Winter retro icons: electrifying snowmen, igloos, fireplaces, Christmas decorations and more are waiting for you.

Love pack

Back in the day, Foreigner was singing “I wanna know what love is”, we may not have a definition of love but decided to celebrate it with our tender collection of Retro Neon icons. Check out our cute but not cheesy assets including hearts, angels, gifts, love letters… and spread the love.

Retro Neon trend is staying alive 

Whether you want to make a great first impression or create designs that will have a long-lasting effect, using retro neon icons will leave no one indifferent. 

Lava lamps, arcade games, sci-fi movies, disco vibes… Bring back those iconic trends to life with our 2.0 Retro Neon icons

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Icon Trends Retro neon by flaticon

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