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Collections are helpful for anyone who wants to keep their icons in order, visualize, and maintain consistency in their project. They are simple to use and can benefit both beginners and professionals.

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Store the icons you need from different packs in one place. Separate your collections by projects, add, remove, edit, and rename icons.


Click on “icons backup” and download a copy of your collection. Share it with your teammates or use it later yourself.


To paint all monochrome icons in different colors, use the “Paint collection” feature and choose the tone that works best.

Exclusive Features

Apart from PNG, SVG, EPS, and PSD formats , you can download your collection as “Icon font” or “SVG Sprite” . These features are used by web designers and allow you to download a file that contains all icons in the form of a code. It is a simple way to work for responsive design and easy to manipulate with CSS3.

Icon font

It is supported by all browsers and easy to work with: you can change the color or add a shadow to an icon font shape. However, this feature works with monochrome icons only.
To use color icons on your web, click on SVG Sprite.

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="your_website_domain/css_root/flaticon.css"> 
<i class="flaticon-airplane49"></i>
<span class="flaticon-airplane49"></span>


SVG Sprite

Very similar to Icon font, SVG Sprite allows you to download font in the form of a code and use it on your web. It is also fully customizable with CSS3, yet unlike “Icon font,” it works with color icons.

<div hidden>
<svg style="display: none;" xmlns=""> <symbol id="blueberries" viewbox="0 0 53.308 53.308">
<path d="M39.685,2.953c-7.524,0-13.623,6.099-13.623,13.623c0,2.243, 0.552,4.353,1.512,6.219 c1.496-0.565,3.11-0.888,4.804-0.888c5.281,0,9.851,3.011,12.111,7.404c5.15-1.944,8.819-6.905,8.819-12.735 C53.308,9.052,47.208,2.953,39.685,2.953z" style="fill:#003879;">
<svg class="icon">
<use xlink:href="#blueberries"/>


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