Raise the level of your designs with stickers in Doodle Art Style

Today we’ll talk about doodles – those little drawings many of us sketch on the edges of notebooks or Post-It notes. We’re talking about those little faces, balls, lines, dots and other figures that appear without us noticing while talking on the phone or in a meeting.

We’d like to introduce you to one of the sticker packs in doodle style that we have for you at Flaticon. Download the Rock Doodle collection and design fun projects today.

Doodling doesn’t mean you’re getting distracted

Are you one of those people who doodle while doing something else? Did you ever get told off at school by teachers for drawing pictures during class, and all because they thought you were distracted?

We’ve got some great news. It turns out that people who doodle during class, a meeting, a Zoom call or a phone call are not distracted at all. On the contrary, scientific studies have shown that the act of doodling helps you focus on what else is going on simultaneously

Looking back in history, the people who doodled the most were some of the best creators, artists and thinkers of their time. Some of their notebooks can be seen in digital libraries. The most famous doodle notebook in history is Leonardo da Vinci’s. It has inspired many artists, engineers and creators from different disciplines.

doodle art

Have fun with the Doodle Art Trend

Nope, doodling’s not just for kids. A whole branch of illustrative art based on doodling is known as Doodle Art. Say what? It’s possible that by encouraging freedom of expression through drawing, children who doodle grow up to be artists, illustrators and designers. 

Historically, in the 70s and 80s, art found many expressions thanks to the freedom experienced by young people. At that time, doodling became art. Artist Keith Haring is one of the movement’s pioneers, and his influence is still felt

Today you can find Doodle Art in all artistic mediums: paintings and murals handmade with pencils, pens or markers; graffiti and even any digital possibility you can imagine.

And don’t forget Google’s Doodle, that illustration that appears in the Google search engine to commemorate different anniversaries. They prove that Doodle Art is, and will be, present for a long time.

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Famous doodlers

Keith Haring became famous for his doodles and his activism during the time of the AIDS pandemic. His simple, motion-charged figures were an influence on countless artists who were shaped by his art. Today, one of the best-known doodlers is Mr. Doodle, who you can follow on Instagram.

Many creatives and influential thinkers of recent history were great doodlers. Their notebooks and drawings were collected in this inspiring article about Doodle Art. Here are some names to remember.

  • Richard Avedon
  • Steve Jobs
  • Picasso
  • Tennessee Williams
  • Jack Kerouac
  • Marlon Brando

Did you know about their penchant for doodling? If you’re looking for more Doodle Art inspiration, don’t forget to follow the hashtag #doodleart on Instagram. And if you’re a doodle design creator, post your doodles in the community. That way, you’ll be inspired to create more special doodles.

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Turn up the volume on your designs with Rock Doodle

Rock Doodle stickers are super fun and ready to decorate any project, whether print or digital. Get inspired by rock doodle stickers for fun designs for any occasion. 

Here are a few ideas:

  • Laminated sticker sheets for sticking on laptops. 
  • Graphic decoration for social media.
  • Details on flyers for music events.
  • Printed on badges for denim jackets.
  • UI design for a modern interface.

You can even color them and create new designs for projects, presentations and documents. Download this resource today

Design doodle graphics with Flaticon

Are you drawn to doodle-style digital designs? The ones that resemble pen doodles on the edges of notebooks? Beyond the Rock Doodle sticker pack, in Flaticon you’ll find icons and stickers in handmade styles and in other styles and themes.

Have fun with doodles and create fun and easy-to-share designs.

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