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Vergessen Sie dank des Premium-Abonnements die Notwendigkeit, eine Illustration dem Autor zuweisen zu müssen. Verwenden Sie alle Illustrationen entweder beruflich oder privat, ohne sie dem Autor zuschreiben zu müssen.

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At Flaticon we are constantly increasing our content available to our users offering the best quality icons and stickers in SVG, EPS, PSD and PNG.

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    Can I use downloaded icons and stickers to create work for a client?

    You can use our icons and stickers for your projects as long as they comply with our usage rules: Read more

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    What are the benefits of a Premium Membership?

    As a Premium User you will be able to download licenses that will allow you to use our icons and stickers without attribution. Furthermore, you will have access to our Premium Icons and stickers. 

    Also, your download limit will be extended to 2000 icons and stickers per day.

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    How many collections may I create?

    Free accounts have a limit of 3 collections (50 icons-limit in each one); on the other hand, premium accounts can create unlimited collections (256 icons-limit in each one).

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    Will I get an invoice of my purchase?

    Our system automatically generates an invoice about 24 hours after we have received the payment.

    You will be able to download it from your Subscriptions page.

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    Is my subscription automatically renewed every month?

    Yes. Your subscription will renew automatically unless you cancel this option (always with the original price, no discounts apply for renewals). To cancel the automatic renewal of your subscription and avoid future non-desired payments you must cancel your subscription from your user's profile.

    Please make sure you do this after you have received a message from Flaticon confirming that the payment of your purchase has been successfully completed, otherwise you will cancel your subscription completely.

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    Can I cancel my subscription and order a refund of my purchase?

    At Flaticon we want you to be happy. So, if you are not completely satisfied with our services, we offer a 30-day refund guarantee.

    You can get the full refund within 30 days from the purchase date, if and when, you didn’t get to use the service, that is, you haven’t downloaded any icon or sticker.

    If that is your case, you can request the refund through

    You can only request the refund of the current billing period. Please note that previous subscriptions cannot be refunded. Read more.

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    What is the difference between the Free and Premium members?

    Free member: you must add a link to Flaticon and credit the author in exchange for using the icons and stickers. To credit the author, you must use Designed by Flaticon in case the icons/stickers were made by Flaticon, or the author's name in other case. 

    How I must insert the attribution?

    Premium member: you can use the icons/stickers without crediting the author, be it Flaticon or one of our contributors. Additionally, you will have access to exclusive resources available only for premium users.

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