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  • You can choose only 3 collections to keep
  • You can only add up to 100 icons per collection
  • You can’t add Premium icons to your collection

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        Merchandising License

        Personalize any physical or digital products with our icons

        Use our icons to customize your physical or electronic items and merchandise by extending your licensing possibilities.

        Where can I use my Merchandising License?

        On any physical product you want to print

        Create t-shirts, mugs, posters, greeting or invitation cards, calendars, etc.

        On electronic or physical products for resale

        Design web templates, electronic devices, apps, videogames, advertising spots, or any audiovisual animation.

        Discover the icons that fit your creations

        Pick your favorite ones and take your projects to the next level

        Start now
        Use our icons as main elements on printed or digital products for sale.
        Design digital and printed articles using our images with no limitation of time and perpetually.
        Decorate any personal or commercial project with the licensed icons.
        Get legal advice and protection.
        Make use of the assets for designing packaging.
        Reproduce up to 100,000 copies of the licensed icons on printed marketing materials.
        Sublicense, distribute, sell, or rent any asset (or a modified version of them) nor allow third parties to access or duplicate the licensed asset separately from the end products.
        Include the licensed material within software applications (i.e., print-on-demand software applications) so the end-user may have access to the licensed file when designing or generating their final product.
        Reproduce the licensed asset more than 100,000 times in physical printed products intended for sale.
        Incorporate the licensed icon (in whole or part) into any trademark or logo (totally or partially).
        Use the licensed material in a way that might be considered defamatory, obscene, immoral, or illegal.

        *This text is a summary provided for information purposes only. As such, it does not constitute any contractual obligation. For more information, please read our Terms of Use before using the content.

        • Question
          How can I use the icons covered by the Merchandising License?

          You can use the licensed icons as the main elements on printed or digital products aimed to be sold worldwide and year round. This license also allows you to make up to 100,000 copies of the product you design and to use our icons without attributing the author.

        • Question
          Will I get an invoice for my purchase?

          Yes, you will receive an individual invoice for each licensed icon you purchase. The invoice will be available 24 hours after the purchase in your account. Just click on the "My subscriptions" tab, and you will find it on the "Invoices" section.

        • Question
          Can I request a refund for the Merchandising License?

          Due to the special usage of these licenses, and to the fact that they are one-time purchases, the payments for the Merchandising licenses are non-refundable.

        • Question
          What is the difference between the Standard License and the Merchandising License?

          With the Flaticon standard license, you can use our icons as main elements on products that will not be resold, but with the Merchandising license, you will be able to use those icons as main elements on products intended for resale like t-shirts, mugs, videos, apps, etc. You can read more information here.

        • Question
          Where can I download the licensed icons and their Merchandising License document?

          Once you purchase a licensed icon, you will find a new menu called “Merchandising licenses” in your account. There, you will be able to download the icon in all available formats and its Merchandising license.

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