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  • You can choose only 3 collections to keep
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        What’s New in Flaticon

        See the latest website updates, new features, and tools, and get the most out of your Flaticon experience.

        Apr 2023

        New Figma plugin with SVG format is here
        Figma Plugin V2

        The new, redesigned Figma plugin is finally here, bringing a bunch of useful features. You can log in to your account and, therefore, access SVG format with Premium subscription. Import icons on click, work with Figma components, and access icon sets directly from the plugin.

        Learn more

        Apr 2023

        Simplify your UI experience
        Filters redesign

        The new UI design of the filter categories is here to enhance your visibility and browsing experience. Thanks to its modern and intuitive layout, you can filter icons quickly while prioritizing your preferences. Ready to explore Flaticon universe with our new feature?

        Learn more

        Feb 2023

        Sort by style and find matching icons fast
        Smart match

        Thanks to sorting by style, searching for consistent icons is now easier, faster, and much more satisfying. Make sure all your icons are matching with this new search results addition, you can sort search results by style and find consistent icons in fewer steps. Try it out yourself by enabling sorting by style.

        Learn more

        Jan 2023

        Merchandising License
        Merchandising License

        Introducing our Merchandising licenses! You will now be able to customize your physical or digital articles for resale. Get ready to use your favorite icons on t-shirts, mugs, posters, digital projects for commercial purposes, and much more!

        Learn more

        Dec 2022

        Bring icons directly into Figma with Flaticon plugin
        Figma plugin

        This plugin makes it easier to use Flaticon in Figma. You can quickly find the right PNG icons for your design, match your style using shape and color filters, then drag and drop toward your project. In a very short time, SVG files will also be available!

        Learn more

        Dec 2022

        Editable strokes are finally here
        Editable stroke

        Customize the appearance of your icons with an SVG file with editable strokes. Change the shape and stroke width to mix and match different creators' icons. This file version also allows you to change curve roundness to keep your projects consistent and take your design narrative one step further. You can also make modifications on the fly by adjusting the icon stroke width directly in the Flaticon editor.

        Learn more

        Dec 2022

        Custom color palette
        Color palette

        Flaticon now includes custom color palette, a new feature that will allow you to customize all icons the way you want. Additionally, you can now save your selection of favorite colors in your palette and edit whatever you like when you want.

        Ago 2022

        New UIcons filters and CDN to import into your CSS
        New Uicons filters and CDN to import into your CSS

        We introduce the new filters for UIcons that will help you perform faster and more accurate searches. Also, we have included a “Brands” filter for you to find the main brands that fit with your projects. In addition, icons are now also available in CDN to import directly into your CSS.

        Jun 2022

        Discover all our interface icons now on Figma
        Uicons in Figma

        27,000+ icons available for free you can use on all types of projects. Simple and easy to use, just copy and paste them! Add the icons to your regular library on Figma and always have your collection of images ready.

        Oct 2021

        Search available in Author area
        Search available in Author area

        Coherence is vital when it comes to design projects. With a new search engine available for each of our icon creators, you’ll be able to get icons with the same style criteria and get spectacular results in your design.

        Jul 2021

        Filter improvements
        Filter improvements

        We’ve come up with another update to make your experience better. This time, we’ve changed up our filter, made it more visual, so you can find icons faster.

        Jun 2021


        Hooray, sticker lovers, we have something amazing for you! Now you can download stickers directly from Flaticon and use them on Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram and any of your favorite apps.

        Feb 2021

        Copy & paste icons
        copy and paste

        We’re constantly working on improving our website and built-in tools that allow you to be more productive. With the new "Copy and paste" feature, you can copy the PNG icon to the clipboard and use it in another app or document.

        Feb 2021

        Style search
        style search

        You asked, and we listened- introducing a new, extended by-style filter search. Now, next to all-time classic filters like color or monochrome, we’ve included the most popular styles. Give it a try next time you’re looking for an icon, to ensure you’ll see the right results right away.

        Jan 2021

        Edit gradients
        edit gradients

        Edit the color of gradient icons as much as any other. Add depth and dimension to your icons and adapt them to the style of your project. To customize, simply choose the gradient icon you want to customize and click "Edit icon" in our built-in editor.

        Feb 2021

        uicons interface

        We are presenting you the new product: UIcons by Flaticon. Over 2000 retina-optimized icons available in different formats, two terminations, and 16 categories, to use in web, iOS, or Android apps.

        Jan 2021

        Auto-detect language in search
        autodetect language

        With this update, the website detects the language you’re typing in and enables the search results for that language. It will allow you to search for icons across all Flaticon domains to make your browsing experience much more comfortable.

        Jan 2021

        Flaticon in Russian
        flaticon in rusian

        Privet, Russia! At Flaticon, we commit to providing the best experience for everyone. We are so excited that our website is now available in Russian, so our Russian-speaking community can enjoy Flaticon to the fullest.

        Jan 2021

        Flaticon in French
        flaticon in rusian

        Bonjour tout le monde ! Following our goal to make Flaticon available to everyone, we are happy to add French to our website language selection.

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