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  • You can choose only 3 collections to keep
  • You can only add up to 100 icons per collection
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        Icon font

        From your collections you can quickly convert vector icons into an icon font. This means you can display vector icons in your website and control them with CSS. Check this page to learn more about icon font format and how to use it with Flaticon.


        • 1. High resolution

          Icons are scalable and retina-ready. Perfect for a responsive design. They look nice on screens of any resolution.

        • 2. Quick and easy

          Building an icon font with Flaticon is easier than ever. Add icons to your collections and download them in seconds.

        • 3. Total control CSS

          Web fonts are fonts consisting of icons instead of characters, so you can easily modify them using CSS.

        • 4. Accessible

          Flaticon name symbols with common terms to help screen readers understand their meaning.

        • 5. Animatable

          CSS transitions and animations are completely compatible with icon fonts.

        • 6. Tidy

          No more wasting your time digging through loads of images or cumbersome sprites!

        How to use an icon font with Flaticon

        Icon font tutorial part 1
        1. Prepare your collection

        Add monocolor icons to the collection for your website

        2. Download icon font

        Open your collection and press the "Download collection" button, then select "Icon font"

        Icon font tutorial part 2
        Icon font tutorial part 3
        3. Copy in your folder

        Copy the source files and CSS to your web folder.

        4. Load the stylesheet

        Request the CSS stylesheet from your webmaster.

        <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="your_website_domain/css_root/flaticon.css">
        Icon font tutorial part 4
        Icon font tutorial part 5
        5. Use the classes

        Use the classes of each icon and they will appear on your website. Then, manipulate them with CSS.

        Use example: <i class="flaticon-airplane49"></i> or <span class="flaticon-airplane49"></span>

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