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  • You can choose only 3 collections to keep
  • You can only add up to 100 icons per collection
  • You can’t add Premium icons to your collection

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        Big mug line Icons

        • Expanding two opposite arrows diagonal symbol of interface
        • Sort
        • Blank
        • List symbol of three items with dots
        • Right arrow angle
        • Minus big symbol
        • Add square outlined interface button
        • Left arrow signal outline
        • Blank
        • Planetary grid symbol
        • Up arrow with house shape outlined symbol
        • Double arrow horizontal symbol
        • Download down arrow symbol
        • Headphones audio symbol
        • Monitor outline
        • Double right arrows angles
        • Square shape design interface tool symbol
        • Double arrow vertical symbol
        • Shopping basket e commerce symbol
        • Like heart outline symbol
        • Search interface symbol
        • Chat
        • Download square button
        • Save button interface symbol of outlined diskette
        • Microphone
        • Cube of notes stack
        • Up square button outline
        • Sort
        • Left arrow line symbol
        • Vertical arrow
        • Up arrow square button
        • Blank
        • Four rounded squares button
        • Upper right arrow square button outlined symbol
        • Up arrow angle
        • Shopping bag
        • Text alignment option button interface symbol
        • Code signs
        • Graphical business presentation on a screen
        • Menu three outlined rounded lines symbol
        • Minus outline
        • Wallet outline
        • Three vertical outlined bars symbol
        • Sort ascending
        • Favourites star outline interface symbol
        • Sort ascending
        • Sort
        • Winds lines weather symbol
        • Cropping design interface symbol of straight lines
        • Hot interface symbol of fire flames outline
        • Sort ascending
        • Airplane rotated diagonal transport outlined symbol
        • Menu gross interface symbol
        • Sort ascending
        • Email square outlined interface symbol of envelope back
        • Square outline
        • Center text interface symbol of lines
        • List interface symbol
        • Foggy full moon night
        • Down arrow square outlined button
        • Arrow right
        • Cellphone
        • Winds weather symbol
        • Arrow entering into square
        • Cross rounded outline
        • Two rounded equal squares outlines symbol
        • Right arrow square button symbol
        • Pencil big outlined vertical tool symbol
        • Down arrow
        • Speaker musical amplification outlined frontal tool
        • Paintbrush outline
        • Two circular counterclockwise rotating arrows symbol
        • Message
        • Cross square button
        • Right arrow circular button outline
        • Left arrow in circle outline
        • Play triangle outline
        • File rounded empty sheet
        • Button of nine outlined circles
        • Bookmark outlined interface symbol
        • Sort ascending interface symbol
        • Big sound
        • Cloud outlined shape
        • Arrow right
        • Photo camera outline
        • Event weekly calendar symbol
        • Upload to the cloud
        • Sort descending
        • Sort
        • Shopping cart outline
        • List interface symbol
        • Speech bubble oval symbol with three dots
        • Bottle gross outlined symbol
        • Sort descending
        • Images square outlined interface button symbol
        • Nine oclock on circular clock
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