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  • You can choose only 3 collections to keep
  • You can only add up to 100 icons per collection
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        Icon Pack: Basic Application

        302 icons

        • Arrow point to right free icon
        • Arrow down sign to navigate free icon
        • Delete free icon
        • Text document free icon
        • Edit free icon
        • Map location free icon
        • Check mark black outline free icon
        • Arrow point to down free icon
        • Map of roads free icon
        • Open folder with document free icon
        • Arrowhead thin outline to the left free icon
        • Check free icon
        • Quotation mark free icon
        • Right thin arrowheads free icon
        • Clipboard variant with pencil and check mark variant free icon
        • Navigation history interface symbol of a clock with an arrow free icon
        • Navigate up arrow free icon
        • History free icon
        • Star in black of five points shape free icon
        • Book of black cover closed free icon
        • Door exit free icon
        • Plus sign free icon
        • Floppy disk digital data storage or save interface symbol free icon
        • warning voltage sign of a bolt inside a triangle free icon
        • Information free icon
        • Music cd free icon
        • Add button with plus symbol in a black circle free icon
        • Circle outline free icon
        • Arrow shuffle free icon
        • Heart simple shape silhouette free icon
        • Map route free icon
        • Closed door with border silhouette free icon
        • Arrows circle free icon
        • navigate arrows pointing to down free icon
        • Book with white bookmark free icon
        • Square root of x math formula free icon
        • Arrowheads of thin outline to the left free icon
        • Stairs up free icon
        • Arrow in U shape to turn free icon
        • Garbage container free icon
        • Clipboard variant with lists and checks free icon
        • Open folder black and white variant free icon
        • Minus sign of a line in horizontal position free icon
        • Candle burning free icon
        • Female symbol free icon
        • Toxic warning sign free icon
        • Open door with border free icon
        • Copy documents option free icon
        • Arrows mix free icon
        • Quotation right mark free icon
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