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  • You can choose only 3 collections to keep
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        Icon Pack: Basic Icons

        237 icons

        • Gear icon
        • Loading icon
        • Barcode icon
        • Written conversation speech bubble with letter i inside of information for interface icon
        • Add people interface symbol of black person close up with plus sign in small circle icon
        • Conversation questions icon
        • Gear rotation icon
        • Leaf black natural shape icon
        • Law icon
        • Shopping cart commercial interface symbol outline icon
        • Checklist square interface symbol of rounded corners icon
        • Night symbol of the moon with a cloud and stars icon
        • Speedometer icon
        • Pointer spot tool for maps icon
        • Television icon
        • Rain black cloud with raindrops falling down icon
        • Flatware silhouette of a knife and a fork cross icon
        • Incoming call icon
        • Discount label interface commercial symbol with percentage sign icon
        • Heartbeat lifeline arrow symbol icon
        • Hour glass icon
        • Conversation mark icon
        • Male close up silhouette with tie icon
        • New products label icon
        • Processor computer tool icon
        • Maple leaf icon
        • Industries icon
        • Photo camera tool icon
        • Calculations graphic of ascending bars icon
        • Megaphone icon
        • Ring phone auricular interface symbol with lines of the sound icon
        • Webcam tool black circular shape icon
        • Data search square interface symbol with a magnifier tool icon
        • Location map icon
        • Martini alcoholic drink glass icon
        • Stop or prohibition sign icon
        • Hi face speech bubble icon
        • Law office icon
        • Radiation warning triangular sign icon
        • Giftbox icon
        • Megaphone audio tool icon
        • Padlock black opened tool shape for unlock interface symbol icon
        • Euro banknotes stack icon
        • Message icon
        • Dollar coin icon
        • Shopping basket interface commercial symbol icon
        • Sun partially covered by a cloud icon
        • Money bag of black circular shape with dollars sign icon
        • Full trash container icon
        • Note rounded square interface symbol icon
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