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  • You can choose only 3 collections to keep
  • You can only add up to 100 icons per collection
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        Icon Pack: BigMug Solid | Filled

        220 icons

        • Movie symbol of video camera free icon
        • List symbol of three items with dots free icon
        • Addition sign free icon
        • Verification checkmark symbol free icon
        • Paintbrush design tool interface symbol free icon
        • Share black solid social symbol free icon
        • Fast forward double right arrows symbol free icon
        • Play black triangle interface symbol for multimedia free icon
        • Verify circular black button symbol free icon
        • Foggy full moon night free icon
        • Menu button free icon
        • Minus big symbol free icon
        • Chat oval black balloons couple free icon
        • Ring bell of hotel reception free icon
        • Portfolio black symbol free icon
        • Cross black circular button free icon
        • Hot or burn interface symbol free icon
        • Moon phase black crescent shape free icon
        • Radio black tool symbol free icon
        • Two clockwise circular rotating arrows circle free icon
        • Down arrow black circular button free icon
        • Trash can black symbol free icon
        • Pause multimedia big gross symbol lines free icon
        • Files copy interface symbol free icon
        • Megaphone black amplification audio tool symbol free icon
        • Two arrows free icon
        • Left arrow in circular button black symbol free icon
        • Expand two diagonal arrows symbol free icon
        • Squares stack free icon
        • Double left arrows symbol free icon
        • New email black back envelope symbol of interface free icon
        • Rounded corners interface square symbol free icon
        • Store commercial symbol free icon
        • Mute speaker symbol of interface with a cross free icon
        • Login symbol of an arrow entering to a black square free icon
        • Menu black rounded square interface button free icon
        • Arrow angle pointing to right free icon
        • List interface symbol free icon
        • Arrows couple counterclockwise rotating symbol free icon
        • Menu gross interface symbol free icon
        • Person info free icon
        • Down arrow free icon
        • Call black auricular interface symbol free icon
        • Mute microphone interface symbol free icon
        • Back black square interface button symbol free icon
        • Star black fivepointed shape symbol free icon
        • Broken black ticket symbol free icon
        • Solid black sun symbol free icon
        • Left arrow angle big gross symbol free icon
        • Double vertical arrow free icon
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