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  • You can choose only 3 collections to keep
  • You can only add up to 100 icons per collection
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        Dashboard Icon Pack

        355 icons

        • Crown free icon

        • Download business statistics symbol of a graphic free icon

        • Database free icon

        • Four squares with frame shape free icon

        • PDF file symbol free icon

        • Binoculars free icon

        • Right menu bars free icon

        • Searching file interface symbol free icon

        • Configuration cogwheel interface symbol free icon

        • Three databases symbol free icon

        • Binoculars free icon

        • Pencil writing on a paper free icon

        • Numbers sequence verification symbol free icon

        • Verification symbol of a man free icon

        • Personal information interface symbol free icon

        • Add interface circular symbol with plus sign free icon

        • Cross delete or close interface symbol free icon

        • Close cross symbol in a circle free icon

        • Personal configuration interface symbol free icon

        • Shape size interface symbol free icon

        • Screwdriver shape free icon

        • Dots beginning text lines interface button symbol free icon

        • Menu symbol of four lines free icon

        • Circular shape divided in three areas free icon

        • Database configuration free icon

        • Semaphore of three lights free icon

        • Diskette save interface symbol free icon

        • Four horizontal lines with down arrow free icon

        • Cascade visualization option interface button free icon

        • Bars graphic business symbol free icon

        • Fx sign free icon

        • Plugins in a square free icon

        • Calculator interface symbol of four buttons free icon

        • Rectangles symbol with intersection area free icon

        • Six rectangles design structure interface symbol free icon

        • Omega sign free icon

        • Copy two paper sheets interface symbol free icon

        • Two databases free icon

        • Lock user symbol free icon

        • Exclamation sign in oval speech bubble free icon

        • Database verification symbol free icon

        • Lock database button free icon

        • Height rectangular shape symbol free icon

        • Csv file free icon

        • Color text free icon

        • From grid to list interface symbol free icon

        • Delete user male interface symbol free icon

        • Computer monitor free icon

        • Playing card free icon

        • Intersection area free icon

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