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        Scholastics Icon Pack

        100 icons

        • Apple black silhouette with a leaf free icon

        • Open book free icon

        • Checklist checked box free icon

        • Stethoscope medical tool free icon

        • Hand touching tablet screen free icon

        • Male university graduate silhouette with the cap free icon

        • Computer mouse free icon

        • Magnifying glass free icon

        • Man talking by mic on a presentation free icon

        • Black rotated puzzle piece free icon

        • Medical drugs pills and capsules free icon

        • Students achievement free icon

        • Book with apple free icon

        • Teacher pointing a board with a stick free icon

        • Projector free icon

        • Thumb up black sign free icon

        • Pest observation free icon

        • Nurse free icon

        • Teacher with laptop free icon

        • Triangular ruler for school free icon

        • Question mark free icon

        • Graduation hat free icon

        • Projector screen tool free icon

        • Note paper square and a pencil free icon

        • Mouse pointer arrow on laptop black screen free icon

        • School house free icon

        • Wall clock of circular shape free icon

        • Read symbol of a student reading free icon

        • Pair of compasses free icon

        • Atom science symbol free icon

        • Female student silhouette free icon

        • Stationery container free icon

        • Female university graduate silhouette with cap free icon

        • Light bulb black symbol free icon

        • World map free icon

        • Video tutorials on laptop screen free icon

        • Microscope side view free icon

        • Earth globe with grid free icon

        • Rugby oval ball free icon

        • Video presentation window free icon

        • Medal circle with a star and ribbon tails free icon

        • Podium silhouette with microphone for presentation free icon

        • Attach paperclip diagonal symbol free icon

        • Streaming loading on laptop screen free icon

        • DNA chain free icon

        • Abacus tool square variant free icon

        • Blackboard free icon

        • Alphabet letters symbol in rounded square free icon

        • Online instructor free icon

        • Keyboard free icon

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